July, 2001

Dead or Alive 3- Footage released at Microsoft
Final Fantasy XI to begin beta testing from December [Nikkei IT]
Tekken 4 to be released 8/1 [Impress Gamewatch]
Final Fantasy X- Al Bhed Translator released
Virtua Fighter 4 - Full Commands list released [Gpara]
Short Comment: The last of the Yagyuu clan, brought back

Capcom vs SNK 2 - Additional Promotional Footage [GameSpot US]
Capcom vs SNK 2 - Additional Footage [G-News]
Atlus To contract License with Disney For Game Soft [Nikkei IT]
Nintendo to release 500,000 GameCube Consoles on Launch [GameSpot Japan]
Majesco to distribute PS2 Guilty Gear X, DeathCrimson OX (DC)[GameSpot US]
Onimusha 2- Additional Promotional Footage [GameSpot US]
Tekken4- Additional Promotional Footage [GameSpot US]
Official Dead Or Alive 3 Site Updated
Waitress sues Hooters restaurant over Toy Yoda [CNN]
Short Comment: J-POP Hikaru Utada to Voice Act on BlackJack Online

Capcom vs SNK 2 - Complete Unlisted moves List
SNK Updates official site since 3 months
Dead Or Alive 3 - New Screenshots Released [Gaming Age]

Capcom vs SNK 2- Package and Dreamcast Bonus Images Released [Impress Gamewatch]

Lycos Begins Dynamic Advertisement for Mcdonalds Campaign
Konami to acquire 38 percent of Hudson Soft [Reuters]

Famitsu Publisher Enterbrain Sued by Nintendo for Ripoff Game [GameSpot Japan, Reuters]
Capcom vs SNK 2 - DreamCast Version to come with Limited Edition Fan Disk
Short Comment: Dead Or Alive Character Names Released

Final Fantasy X - First Two Million Hit Seller for PS 2 [Impress Gamewatch]
Final Fantasy X- Ending Movie Released [Ruliweb]
Silent Hill 2 - Official TGS Trailer Released
Cowboy Bebop- Knockin' on Heaven's Door -Official Trailer Released
PlayOnline- TetraMaster and FFXI Screenshots
Virtua Fighter 4 to be Released in 8/1 [Impress Gamewatch]

Final Fantasy X - 2.14 Million in first Shipment, US ver. Details
Square "Play Online Beta Edition" - Testing of Online Serivces to Begin
Final Fantasy X - HDD Usage Comparison [Techside]
Final Fantasy XI - Demo Footage Released [Ruliweb]
Square & Disney's Kingdom Hearts - Demo Footage Released [Ruliweb]
Final Fantasy X - Five Game Footage Released [Ruliweb]

Capcom vs SNK 2- operator Leaflet scans [Space V1]
Square Begins Campaign for Hanjuku-Hero's Egg Monsters
Tekken 4- Additional Screenshots released at NamcoArcade

Capcom vs SNK 2 -Promotional Video released by E-Gameclub
Final Fantasy X- Voice Actors List Released [Touchez du bois, Techside] -Updated

PlayOnline updated, FFX commemoration to take place in Shinjuku
Final Fantasy X- Famitsu Reviews 39 out of 40
Capcom vs SNK 2 - Nakoruru ADV game character & Rival Schools Cameo
Short Comment: Some Damn Lucky people already have FFX !!!!

FFX Convenience Store Reservers to win free FFX Digital Calendar
Final Fantasy X- Digicube promotion #4 released [Ruliweb]
FFX trailer from FF Movie soundtrack, released [PS2IGN]
Two Big Thumbs Up by Roger Ebert and Roeper- Final Fantasy the Movie
Capcom vs SNK 2 Game & Networking Images [Impress Gamewatch]
SPONG reports DC version Capcom vs SNK 2 release in Eupore to look Grim
Ayanami growth/date simulator game demo released [Impress Gamewatch]
Short Comment: Coke, Action aaand Cut!!

Capcom vs SNK 2 to Operate from 7/26 in Japan [Challenger, River Service]
Virtua Fighter 4- Command List
Capcom vs SNK 2 to be First in "Library scheme". Also Playable Cross-platform, via Network
Capcom vs SNK 2 to be released on 9/13 in Japan [NCSX]
Garou Mark of the Wolves (DC) to be released on 9/27 in Japan [NCSX]
High Quality KOF Advance Screen Shots [Impress GameWatch]

Cappcom to begin Java-based Cell Phone Games [Impress GameWatch]
Final Fantasy X Commercial #2 [Ruliweb]

Short Comment: FFX, Can that be Final Fantasy's "Other" Mascot ?

King Of Fighters GBA version- Official Section Opens
Capcom vs SNK 2- Nakoruru ADV game character to make cameo
PlayOnline - Final Fantasy X section updated
Digicube Final Fantasy X Battle system Video [Ruliweb]
Short Comment: Humm.. Psikyo looks better than StreetFighter.
Short Comment: (One of) The last of the Yagyuu clan

King Of Fighters announced to be released on Game Boy Advance
FFX's First shipment Scheduled at 2 Million, US release next year [Bloomberg Japan]

Sony to release PS2 HardDrive on 7/29, Reservations begin
Capcom Announces Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper & Breath Of Fire II for GBA [NTT EG]

Sega Announces Black Body Model "DreamCast R7" [Impress GameWatch]
Capcom vs SNK 2- PS2IGN's Beta Test Review, Images & Videos
USA.NET to Discontinue Free E-mail services
Ichiro First Rookie to Top All-Star Votes [Reuters]