News From 07/06/01

King Of Fighters GBA version- Official Section Opens
[ Link:Marvelous Entertainment | Section ]

The official section to the GameBoy Advance version of KOF has been opened by its producer, Marvelous Entertainment. While the section has not released any new information, a comment from Arcadia magazine's editor is available.

Capcom vs SNK 2- Nakoruru ADV game character to make cameo
[ Link:Inter-let's ]

Creator of the Nakoruru Adventure game Inter-let's, has officially announced a character from their game, Manali to make a cameo in Capcom's upcoming "Capcom vs SNK 2" in some form. This will be the first collaboration between Inter-let's Nakoruru development team and Capcom.

In commemoration, a special phone card will be released by Inter-let's, featuring four of the historical Nakoruru artists- Eiji Shirai, Senri Kita, Kinu Nishikawa, and 44.

PlayOnline - Final Fantasy X section updated
[ Link:Play Online | Section ]

Square has updated the Final Fantasy X section in their promitional site, Updated pages are "Act" and "Staff" (voices from women [staff], FFX).

Digicube Final Fantasy X Battle system Video [Ruliweb]
[ Link:Ruliweb | Section ]

Digicube's latest promotional video for Final Fantasy X has been released by Ruliweb. The video presents the fighting system in FFX, including the Overdrive.

For the video files (640x480: 137MB, 320 x 200: 33 MB), visit Ruliweb's section.

Short Comment- Get to hear Lulu talk, Tidus do his specials, etc etc... looks good. -H. Moriarty

Short Comment: Humm.. Psikyo looks better than StreetFighter.
I really have to say, Psikyo's characters look way better than Capcom's in their Mahjong game. SFZ rehashes have just been overused during the years. -H. Moriarty

Yet, more Wallpapers:

Short Comment: (One of) The last of the Yagyuu clan
Want to see the decendant of Yagyuu Juubei?

Ok, here it goes... . . . [Click here]

Hey, what were you expecting, to see a man with an eyepatch and two swords? At least the photo looks like he's about to shoot a projectile, be satisfied!

His name is Yagyuu Hiroshi. Born 1937 in Ibaragi prefecture, this gentleman is known well in Japan as an actor, and especially as a host of an old Quiz show. -H. Moriarty