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King Of Fighters announced to be released on Game Boy Advance
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SNK's popular fighting game title, The King Of Fighters has been announced for release on Nintendo's GameBoy Advance.

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FFX's First shipment Scheduled at 2 Million, US release next year [Bloomberg Japan]
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[Bloomberg Japan] Tokyol, 7/4- Major game software publisher, Square's sales estimate of "Final Fantasy X" has been revealed as 2 million copies on its first shipment on 7/19. The release of the game in North America was also estimated as early next year. Both figures were revealed in an interview to Square's President Hisashi Suzuki, conducted by Bloomberg news.

Suzuki commented that pre-order reservations for FFX are going smoothly via convenience stores and other facilities, and that the first shipment of the game is scheduled to be over 2 million copies. As a personal statement, Suzuki commented his aims to be 4 million copies within Japan, and 10 million when including overseas sales.

As for the cooperative project in building a new joint company with Namco and Enix, Suzuki commented to aim for its establishment in October, and will be rushing to prepare for the occasion. Square aims to prepare the company to provide services by next April, via Square's "Play Online". The objective of the new joint company is to expand the online market.

Suzuki commented that while Square will be providing the infrastructure of the new company, they will not dwell to become the major stockholder and feels fine for all three companies to invest equally. In addition, Suzuki also commented that SCE, NTT and other companies are findng interest to invest in the joint company as well.

Guilty Gear X PS2 & Guilty Gear Petit 2 - High Quality Images [Impress GameWatch]
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High quality images of Guilty Gear X for PlayStation 2 and Guilty Gear Petit have been released at Impress GameWatch.

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