News From 07/09/01

Cappcom to begin Java-based Cell Phone Games [Impress GameWatch]
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[Impress GameWatch] Capcom has announced to begin releasing Java-applet games for Cell-phone based internet "i-mode" services in Japan. Games can be played by connecting to Capcom's membership based site "Capcom Party" via an i-mode cell phone. (Membershpi: 300Yen/month)

A game based on Street Fighter's Ryu breaking tiles, will be released in 7/16. Two additional games will be available in 8/1; "Jump! Rockman" and "PuchiG
uru". Other games scheduled for play on the i-mode include "Commando i", "Puzzle Ghosts n' Goblins", and "Kobun Building". For more images of the games, check the site's section.

Final Fantasy X Commercial #2 [Ruliweb]
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Square's second Final Fantasy X commercial featuring Hideaki Takigawa has begun airing on Japanese TV. The commercial can be downloaded in mpeg format at Ruliweb.

Short Comment- Hey, this guy used to promote DreamCasts for Sega in commercials! And no, he's not Tiduses' Voice actor. -H. Moriarty