News From 05/06/01

The Madman's Cafe, Back and Renewed !!
Finally, The Madman's Cafe is back and better than ever.
Here are the major changes.

1- Easier Navigation, Easier Reading
For the first time, Frames have been taken away. Navigation should be easier than before. Minor changes in design and fonts sizes should also allow for easier reading.

The DHTML has also been taken off for the time being. It was heavy, and also getting annoying.

3- Lighter, Faster
The page takes about only half the load, compared to before.

4- The Appetizer is Up!
The appetizers section which has been closed for nearly a year and a half, is back. It should become one of the more visited sections in this site... check it out!

Capcom comments on Future Market Strategies, Simultaneous Multi-platform Release
[ Link: Bloomberg Japan ]

Photo: Ascii21
(Bloomberg) 5/2, Osaka- In an interview conducted to Capcom's president Heiji Oshima by Bloomberg Japan, a number of marketing issues have been raised.

"[We] have no thoughts on affiliating our capital with other companies, and we have no plans in the future as well." quoted Oshima, on the issue of Namco, Square and Enix's exchange of stocks.

When asked if Capcom was requested by the companies to join the alliance, Oshima quoted "No". Oshima continued on to say that even if Capcom was requested, "[We] have no thoughts on joining" and that "[We] don't know what exactly the benifits are for the three companies to form an alliance".

When asked also about Capcom losing competitive strength due to the recent merger of the three companies and Sega's shift as a software producer, Oshima emhasised that "Many things are being said, but there is no concern. What's important is to bring out good software." Oshima indicated that Capcom will be taking its own paths without being wary of other companies, and will strengthen their aim on the home market as well as cut costs though multi-platform strategies.

Capcom aims to advance their Multi-platform strategy one step further, and projects to release their games simultaneously on multiple platforms. This will allow the company to cut down on development costs by creating a software on one production line, as well as cut back on advertisement fees. Oshima quotes "[We are] currently negotiating with each of the hardware makers. [We can] hopefully actualize this with some of our software during this fiscal."

The Challenger: Psikyo announces "Gunbarich" and "Hot Gimmick Integral"
[ Link: The Challenger | Section ]
West Japan arcade chain operated site "The Challenger", has released the publicity Ad to two of Psikyo co.'s upcoming games, "Gunbarich" - a Block breaking shooter game, and "Hot Gimmick Integral", the next release of their popular stripping Mahjong game series.

"Gunbarich" uses the standard 8-direction controller, and only one button. Reflecting the enemy's shots is one of the major fectors to be in the game, bringing a new sensation of a shooter. "Gunbarich" is scheduled for release in June.

"Hot Gimmick Integral" -the next release in the "Hot Gimmick" releases, will have the largest count of characters to be in the series, respectedly quoted as the "complete edition". "Hot Gimmick Integral" is scheduled for release in July.

"The Queen of Heart 2001 -Party's Breaker", announced by Watanabe Seisakujo
[ Link: Watanabe Seisakujo | QOH2001 Section ]

Major Doujin software group "Watanabe Seisakujo" known for their popular "The Queen of Heart" series, has announced their upcoming sequel to the series, "The Queen of Heart 2001 -Party's Breaker".

All characters have been renewed and are now based on Leaf co.'s PC game, "Comic Party", in place of "To Heart".

[ Title Logo | Image1 | Image2 | Image3 | Image4 | Image5 ]

"The Queen of Heart 2001 -Party's Breaker" will use a newly designed game engine, and will be aimed for hi-spec machines. The game will be based on Direct 3D, running under 16bit color at 640 x 480 resolution; special effects will be drawn in real time. The BGM will use high quality music compressed in MP3, replacing the midi and 22K wave formats previously used in QOF99. The game requires a high spec machine running under Japanese Win98/ME/2000 (PII/Celeron 333MHZ and over, Grappics board RIVA TNT or higher spec,Direct sound compatible sound card).

"The Queen of Heart 2001 -Party's Breaker" is currently not scheduled for retail release, and is only planned for sale through conventions within Japan. The game is scheduled for release in 8/11 at the Tokyo Comic Market, price unknown.

Grr, sounds harder to obtain than QOH99. Guess a trip to Japan is needed to buy it. -H.Moriarty

Short Comment: KOF2000, Lin Unguardable Bug for all normal moves
[ Image1 ]
I thought that this was general knowledge by now, but apparently it isn't... so, here it goes. In KOF2000, Lin has a major bug that makes other problems in the game seem like childsplay: he can make all of his normal moves unguardable.

The method is easy: do HCF x 2 + K, when Lin has no POWer stock. That's all. The command can be executed in a neutral state on the ground, in the air, during the middle of a cancel/bufferable normal move, and many other occasions. After the command is executed, all of Lin's normal moves will become unguardable, making hit noises which sounds like a throw.

The effect will last until Lin guards or hits hit, does a special/super, or the round ends. The trick can be done as many times as wanted, throughout the game.