News From 07/14/01

PlayOnline updated, FFX commemoration to take place in Shinjuku
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Square's promotional site, PlayOnline has been updated. Three updates have been made: Final Fantasy X section (System and Downloads), Music section (FFX soundtrack cover), and Events (Shinjuku event).

As a commemoration of the release of Final Fantasy X, a special event featuring FFX theme vocalist RIKKI and composer Nobuo Uematsu will take place on the game's release date (7/19) in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The event will take place at the Virgin Megastore in Shinjuku, first show at 3PM and second show at 5:30 PM (tickets will be given out starting 9AM)

The first 500 visitors will receive a free gift. In addition, the first 200 (100 at each show) people attending the event and purchasing either the Maxi single CD of FFX's theme song "Suteki da ne" or FFX's soundtrack, will receive a free autograph from Rikki and Uematsu. In addition, the first 300 purchasers of the FFX game software will receive a FFX Special sound CD as well.

Short Comment- Square President Hisashi Suzuki is scheduled to be there as well, according to Wish I had time to attend it... -H. Moriarty

Final Fantasy X- Famitsu Reviews 39 out of 40
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Major weekly game magazine Famitsu -published under Enterbrain Inc., has given a 39/40 score on Final Fantasy X. The following are translations of their reviews.

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Capcom vs SNK 2 - Nakoruru ADV game character & Rival Schools Cameo
[ Link:Chupiler- CvS2 page ]

Special thanks to Chupiler for the news.

Chupiler has released images of the female character "Manali" in The Nakoruru Adventure game, making cameo appearances in Capcom vs SNK 2. In addition, Kyosuke's super featuring Batsu and Hinata- the "Final Symphony", can be seen in asx video format as well.

For the medias, check Chupiler's CvS2 Page.

Short Comment: Some Damn Lucky people already have FFX !!!!
It's 5 days before FFX gets released, but some people already have their copy!! Remember the FFX figures campaign that Coca-Cola did? Well, by sending a tab from the wrapping by glueing it on a postcard, 2001 lucky entrees won a Free FFX. Those contestants aparently got their copies today. Here's some pics of one lucky winner's set. [ Link ]

Thanks to for the news. -H.Moriarty