News From 07/02/01

Sega Announces Black Body Model "DreamCast R7" [Impress GameWatch]
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[Impress GameWatch] Sega has announced to release a black body version of their Dreamcast console, "DreamCast R7". The Black body model was originally distributed as terminals for Pachinko (Japanese Pinball) parlors. "R7" signifies to "Regulation #7", a law pretaining to the state of gambling institutions.

The console release of "DreamCast R7" will only use the body of the Pachinko terminal, and its machine specification will stay identical to previous DreamCast consoles. Likewise, the console comes with a Controller, and Dream Passport 3.

"DreamCast R7" is scheduled for release in 9/6, Price 9,900 Yen.

Capcom vs SNK 2- PS2IGN's Beta Test Review, Images & Videos
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Special Thanks to Mitsukai for the News.

PS2IGN has released a brief review of Capcom vs SNK 2 from the California Beta testings, together with additional images and videos. For the article and media, check their site's section.

Short Comment- PS2IGN's David Smith presents a very humorous article. He must be talking about the same Ratio 4 Akuma that Kao Megura mentioned in his BBS Post. But yes, Geese's portrait makes him look like he's a lightbulb. -H. Moriarty

USA.NET to Discontinue Free E-mail services
[ ] - known as one of the oldest free online e-mail services, will be discontinuing from providing free web based e-mail services in July, 31. Quoted from their Net@dress domain,

"In today's changing business environment, revenue sources are no longer adequate to support our Net@ddress free email service. The current Net@ddress free email service will be discontinued on July 31, 2001. To keep your current Net@ddress email account, subscribe for a new Net@ddress Messaging Center account today."

Current account holders may continue to receive services by subscribing to the Net@ddress Messaging Center for the annual fee of $29.99, a 40% discount from New subscribers.

Short Comment- First i-Drive, then HomeStead, now More are guaranteed to come. Looks like I'll need to find a new mail address too. -H. Moriarty

Ichiro First Rookie to Top All-Star Votes [Reuters]
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[Reuters] "NEW YORK (Reuters) - Japanese outfielder Ichiro Suzuki has become the first rookie to draw the most votes for an All-Star Game and will be joined by three Seattle Mariners teammates at next week's showcase contest on their home field. Other Seattle players also voted to the American League team for the game on July 10 at Safeco Field were first baseman John Olerud, second baseman Bret Boone and designated hitter Edgar Martinez, Major League Baseball announced on Monday. their site's section."
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