News From 07/24/01

Final Fantasy X - First Two Million Hit Seller for PS 2 [Impress Gamewatch]
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[Impress GameWatch] Tokyo, 7/24- Square has announced their RPG for the Playstation 2- "Final Fantasy X", to have reached the sales of 2.14 million copies, becoming the first Two Million Seller game on the PlayStation 2.

According to Square's press release, Final Fantasy X sold 70 percent of its first shipment in the date of release- 7/19, and 90 percent by 7/22. Some retailers already being out of stock, additional manufacturing and shipment of the game will be underway.

Final Fantasy X- Ending Movie Released [Ruliweb]
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Korean Gaming site Ruliweb, has released the Ending Movie in Final Fantasy X. The movie is 16 minutes 4 seconds- mpeg format, 263MB(576 x 432) or 95MB(320 x 240).

Short Comment- Man, talk about the Ultimate Spoiler.
I'm not DLing it.. Please do so at your own risk.
-H. Moriarty

Silent Hill 2 - Official TGS Trailer Released
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Konami has released the Official Silent Hill 2 Trailer, originally featured in the Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring. The 4 minute 37 second trailer is available in Downloadable Real Media format, medium(14.7MB) quality and low (4.4MB) quality.

For the trailer, check the site's section.

Cowboy Bebop- Knockin' on Heaven's Door -Official Trailer Released
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Cowboy Bebop's Official site has released the promotional trailer to their upcoming cinema release for the summer, "Cowboy Bebop - Knockin' on Heaven's Door". The trailer is in Quicktime format, 240 x 180 - 3.5MB. For the trailer, check the site's section.

Pre-order tickets are already on sale for the movie. Followed by the first pre-order tickets sold in June featuring Spike on the ticket tab, the second release of pre-order tickets in 7/28 will feature a new artwork of Fei by character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, and a free strap band. [Ticket & Strap]

Short Comment- All this time, I was wondering if the Cowboy Bebop movie was just a rumor.. Now I know it's for real. -H. Moriarty

PlayOnline- TetraMaster and FFXI Screenshots
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Square has released images of Tetramaster and Final Fantasy XI in their Play Online services descriptions. For the images, check PlayOnline's section.

Virtua Fighter 4 to be Released in 8/1 [Impress Gamewatch]
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[Impress Gamewatch] Sega has announced their upcoming 3D fighter sequel "Virtua Fighter 4" to be released in arcades in Japan starting August 1st. The "VF Character Access Card" - an optional card in VF4 for Sega's Virtua Fighter Network and National rankings, will be sold at the retail price of 500 Yen as well.

Short Comment- Not many people seem to care in using character cards at the Beta testings, let alone the beta testings themselves.. compared to CvS2, at least. -H. Moriarty