News From 07/25/01

Famitsu Publisher Enterbrain Sued by Nintendo for Ripoff Game [GameSpot Japan, Reuters]
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[GameSpot Japan] 7/25- Nintendo has announced to file a copyright lawsuit against game distributor Enterbrain and developer Tirnanog Co., for their co-produced Playstation game "Tear Ring Saga". Enterbrain is also well known as the publisher of the major weekly game magazine, Famitsu.

Claiming the game to be a copyright infringement of their "Fire Emblem" series and having been marketed under a closely resembling name of "Emblem Saga" until a month and half before its sale, Nintendo has filed a lawsuit through the District court of Tokyo to halt the production, sales and distribution of the game, including 258.3 million Yen in damages against Enterbrain and Tirnanog.

Nintendo comments, "The game's content extraordinarily resembles the Fire Emblem series, and is bringing false recognition to users with the demand [of Fire Emblem]."

In addition to Enterbrain and Tirnanog, Nintendo is also suing Tirnanog's President Shouzo Kaga, known as a producer of the original Fire Emblem series.

"According to Nintendo, the contents, characters and scenario in "Tear Ring Saga" - a Playstation game software by Tirnanog(Kyoto, Minami) and Enterbrain(Tokyo, Setagaya) strongly resembles that of the [Fire Emblem] series.

Despite multiple warnings to change the game's content or halt distribution, the two companies neglected to respond, resulting in Nintendo to act."

Short Comment-
Nintendo rarely sues anyone within Japan, let alone a major company that has great power in the media. Keeping in mind that marketing is normally done by the distributor, this will surely put a dent into the creditability of Enterbrain. -H. Moriarty

Capcom vs SNK 2 - DreamCast Version to come with Limited Edition Fan Disk

Capcom has announced the first shipment of their upcoming Dreamcast version of "Capcom vs SNK 2" to come with a limited edition disk.

Titled "Capcom Taisen Fan Disk", the disk will include complete VMU data of 19 capcom fighter game titles, an Illustration gallery of the Capcom vs SNK series, and a high-level replay data collection for Capcom Vs SNK 2.

Short Comment- Great news for DreamCast owners, especially considering that the PS2 counterpart will be a special 9,800 Yen package which bonus is just a PS2 Modem by IOData. Unfortunately, this *might* be the last fighter we'll be seeing on the DC by Capcom. -H. Moriarty

Short Comment: Dead Or Alive Character Names Released
Short note on the DOA3 characters since their names and profiles have been released.

Brad Wong (Male, Age: 30)
Nationality: China

Occupation: Unemployed
Likes: Alcohol
Hobbies: Igo, Chinese fiddle

Christie (Female, Age 24)
Nationality: England
BWH: 93,59,88 (cm)
Occupation: Assassin
Likes: Tomato Juice
Hobbies: Driving
Hitomi (Female, Age 18)
Nationality: Germany
BWH: 80,58,85 (cm)
Occupation: High School Student
Likes: Sacher-Torte
Hobbies: Cooking

Hayate (Male, Age: 23)
Nationality: Japan

Occupation: Ninja
Likes: Sushi, Sukiyaki
Hobbies: Zen, Iai

For those who are wondering, Igo is a Japanese table game, and Sacher Torte is a rich chocolate cake distinctly known as a specialty from Vienna.

Hayate is the same character as Kasumi's Karate using brother from DOA2- he's back as a ninja after recovering his memories. The game is still played with the joystick + 3 buttons (F,P,K). I have a few new shots of the game, but I'm not scanning them in since chances are that Impress Gamewatch will release corporate distributed images in no time.

BTW, my personal opinion; Brad sounds like one of the most realistic characters in a fighting game. He's lost his job, he likes alcohol, and he's in the beginning of coming middle age
. Oh dear. -H.Moriarty