News From 07/26/01

Lycos Begins Dynamic Advertisement for Mcdonalds Campaign
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Lycos Japan has begun their "Drive Motion" Dynamic HTML advertisement, in which pieces of advertisement float on the index of their site. The first advertisement is by Mcdonalds, for use in their Playstation mascot campaign.

The advertisement can only be seen in Internet Explorer for the PC, and can be disabled through an option. The advertisement will be available for viewing at Lycos Japan until 7/29.

Short Comment-
Unless it was this product, the ad would have been extremely annoying. On a side note, I have a feeling that I'll be eating at Mcdonalds for a while... by the time the campaign's ended, my blood would have turned into ketsup. -H. Moriarty

Konami to acquire 38 percent of Hudson Soft [Reuters]
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"TOKYO, July 26 (Reuters) - Japanese game software maker Konami Corp said on Thursday it will buy a 38 percent stake in Hudson Soft Co for five billion yen ($40.46 million) to try to boost market share by diversifying its products. "

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