News From 07/31/01

Dead or Alive 3- Footage released at Microsoft
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Microsoft has released footage of their financial analysts meeting, one of which includes includes a demo of Tecmo's Dead or Alive 3. For the Footage, check Microsoft's Investor Relations site's 2001 Financial Analyst Meeting section- John O' Rourke's media. [ Section | 56Kstream | 100Kstream | Solo- Audio | Transcript ]

Short Comment-
The last third of the footage shows DOA3- the footage comes after Shrek. Footage presents Kasumi, Ayane, and Lei-fan. Also, check out the Transcript of Robbie Bach's (Senior vice president of games division) speech from New York. [Section] -H. Moriarty

Final Fantasy XI to begin beta testing from December [Nikkei IT]
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[Nikkei IT] Square will begin beta testing of their online service "PlayOnline" from mid-September. Entry for beta testers will begin in 8/1. 500 people nationwide in Japan will be chosen as testers, for service on the PlayStation2 console. The sequel to Square's popular RPG series, "Final Fantasy XI" will become available for beta testing from December on PlayOnline. Square aims to launch its services by nexy year March and begin charging from April, aiming for 1 million members.

Tekken 4 to be released 8/1 [Impress Gamewatch]
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[Impress Gamewatch] Namco has announced to release their upcoming 3D fighter sequel, Tekken 4 in 8/1. The game using the Playstation 2 compatible System246, will be retailed to operators for 368,000 Yen.

An official national tournament for the game
has already been announced to take place by Namco. Contestants must first compete within local tournaments, and become eligible for the finals, scheduled to be held in the International Fashion Center Hall in Ryougoku Tokyo, 9/2.

Final Fantasy X- Al Bhed Translator released
[ Link:Yami no Sumika | Section ]

Japanese Site Yami no Sumika has released a translator program for the Al Bhed tribe language in Final Fantasy X. Requiring to collect 26 volumes of "dictionary" items to fully translate the language within the game, comments written in the Al Bhed language carries hints to extra secrets at particular areas of the game.

For the program, check the site's section.

Short Comment-
Use it together with an English translator, and voila. -H. Moriarty

Virtua Fighter 4 - Full Commands list released [Gpara]
[ Link:Gpara | Section ]

Japanese Site Gpara has released the full command list for Sega RD2's upcoming sequel, Virtua Fighter 4.

For the list, check the site's section.

Short Comment-
VF4 seems to have been left behind in the 90s... Ill let someone else translate them, thank you.The last third of the promo is worth the watch; the first two thirds are identical to E-Gameclub's release. Though with bad connection, you can't see anything but skipping blur since it's streaming. -H. Moriarty

Short Comment: The last of the Yagyuu clan, brought back
This doesn't leave the grounds of Graffiti, but it was humorous so I'm going to post it.

Remember the article of the descentant of the Yagyuu Clan a short while back? [article- 07/06] Well, one reader's imagination went wild. It's amazing what can be actualized with a little job on the Photoshop. [image]

Special thanks to
Tech Support for sharing his thoughts with us. -H.Moriarty