November, 2001

- The King Of Fighters EX- New Character Details and Images Released
- PlayOnline- High Quality Screenshots Added to Final Fantasy XI Site
- Tales of Fandom Vol.1 Cover & screenshots Released (Impress Gamewatch)
- KOF 2001 & etc Home ROM, MVS maintenance, NGLand to be continued by Sun Amusement
- Short Comment- An Online Game of the King Of Fighters!?

- Square CEO Suzuki to resign President seat; COO to take over (Bloomberg Japan)
- Watanabe Seisakujo- Party Breaker "Subaru" Add-on Patch Released
- "The Final Hours of Metal Gear Solid 2" - Gamespot Special article
- "Psychic Force 2021 Reprint Edition" Demo released (Impress Gamewatch)
- Short Comment- Dreamcast Wristwatch, True to Life

- Additional Soul Calibur 2 Images, Kilik Revealed
- Final Fantasy XI- Livecam Now Operable, Event to take place 11 PM JST
- Official Disney Kingdom Hearts site Opens in Square's
- Short Comment- Metal Gear Solid 2 KUBRICKs

- Square releases additional Kingdom Hearts FF Character Illustrations

- Final Fantasy XI Official Site Opens- Beta Testing Registration Begins
- Konami to Expend in Confectionary Industry with Anime & Game Themed Sweets
- Toro Cafe to Open in Tokyo (GameSpot Japan)
- Short Comment: Pia Carrot 3. Landlord. Hurmn.

- Additional Square Kingdom Hearts Info, more Final Fantasy characters to be included
- Short Comment: Nakoruru Adventure Game OVA
- Short Comment: Bleem, R.I.P.

- Sony says the Xbox could accelerate the industry (Gamespot VG)
- Soul Calibur 2 - High Quality Promotional Footage Released (Impress Gamewatch)
- Short Comment: X-Box Launch turns Bill Gates into a Toys-R-US Kid
- Short Comment: What Chairman Kaga is doing after the Iron Chef

- Additional King Of Fighters 2001 Videos Releasd by !Pong!
- Toro Mcdonalds Commercial & Etc CM Released (GIA)
- Seaman Wallpaper released (

- King Of Fighters 2001 Face Icons released by
- Guilty Gear X For PC - Demo Released (Impress GameWatch)
- Soul Calibur 2 - Promotional Footage Released (GameCube IGN)
- Short Comment: Toro the Cat vs Samurai Cat

- Metal Gear Solid 2 Wallpapers Released (
- King Of Fighters EX Special Edition GBA (GameSpot Japan)
- Man eats worms to win GameCube (ZDNet)
- Short Comment: Capcom Illustrator Akiman's Site
- Short Comment: Holy Moles, that's Big.

- Party Breaker- Extra Character to be released in 11/25 (Watanabe Seisakujo)

- SNK Stockholder(s) Sue Aruze and SNK Execs on Bankruptcy (GameSpot Japan, Gpara)
- KOF2001 Movie Key File contributed by Japanese 2ch User
- King Of Fighters EX special GBA Set to be Released (Gpara)
- Short Comment: Collation of 2ch KOF2001 Thread Quotes.