News From 11/13/01

Additional King Of Fighters 2001 Videos Releasd by !Pong! (Updated 11/14/01)
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More footages of The King Of Fighters 2001 have been released, now by Mexican game theme site !Pong!.

Footages were taken from a convention of (the late) SNK's games in the Center of Businesses and Commerce of the City of Mexico. Footages include all the new characters of KOF2001, the convention hall, SNK's second to last MVS game "Zupapa", and a new title "Evolution Soccer" by Brezzasoft and a Mexican company named Evoga (note short comment) under a new system named "Evoga" . For the footages, check !Pong!'s section.

Special thanks to for the news.

Short Comment- has confirmed that Evoga is the name of the company producing titles in collaboration with Brezzasoft, and is not a name of a system. Special thanks to GloverML for the notification. -H.Moriarty

Toro Mcdonalds Commercial & Etc CM Released (GIA)
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Japanese Commercials including Toro the cat, Metal Gear Solid 2, Smash Borthers Melee and other game (characters) have been released by the GIA. For the commercial clips, check their site's article.

Special thanks to Rid Hershell for the news.

Short Comment- The Toro the cat CM for the Mcdonalds PS2 campaign is about half a year old, but it's still cute to watch. -H.Moriarty

Seaman Wallpaper released (
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Japanese game news site has released two varieties of Seaman wallpapers. Each wallpaper are available in sizes of 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768. For the Wallpapers, check the site's section.

Short Comment- Seaman wallpaper. Eeek. Who'd want to put that "thing" up on the screen all the time? ....Maybe I. Maybe. -H.Moriarty