News From 11/22/01

Additional Soul Calibur 2 Images, Kilik Revealed (Impress Gamewatch)
[ Impress Gamewatch | Section ]
Impress Gamewatch has has released additional images of Namco's upcoming multi-console release game, Soul Calibur 2. The images are focused on the newly revealed reviving character, Soul Calibur 2's Kilik.

For the images, check their site's section.

Final Fantasy XI- Livecam Now Operable, Event to take place 11 PM JST
[ Play Online | Section ]
Square's live camera in their official Final Fantasy XI site is now under operation. In addition, Square plans to host an event for viewers watching the live camera, today at 11:00 PM, JST. [ JST Clock ].

Short comment- The "event" was a live jpeg slide tour through FFXI by a Hume named Julia. -H.Moriarty

Official Disney Kingdom Hearts site Opens in Square's
[ PlayOnline | Kingdom Hearts ]
The official site of Disney and Square's collaboration project for the Playstation 2, Kingdom hearts has opened in At the current time, There is only an advertizement index available.

Short Comment-
Let's be Honest. It's just one big sheet of Jpeg. Technically it isn't, but yet. -H.Moriarty

Short Comment- Metal Gear Solid 2 KUBRICKs
In midst of the Metal Gear Solid 2 heat, Medicom Toy will be releasing a MGS2 version of their figures. There are 6 MGS2 trading figure Kubricks in all, each sold randomly for 480 Yen. The lineup: Solid Snake, Orga, Otakon, Revolver Ocelot, SoldierA(woodland camoflauge) and SoldierB(Tiger stripe camoflauge). There's also said to be secrets- my personal guesses are hidden figures. The figures seem detailed- Snake has his M9, snd Otakon even has his laptop. For more images and details, check Medicom Toy's site. [ Medicom Toy ]

These Kubrick figures are a bit larger than Lego figures. Lots of game/anime characters are released as Kubricks, like Evangelion, Capcom's Morrigan & Chunli(images are in Capcom's diary somewhere) and even the Blair Witch Project. -H.Moriarty