News From 11/16/01

Sony says the Xbox could accelerate the industry (Gamespot VG)

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(Gamespot VG) "In a recent interview with The Financial Times, Kunitake Ando, president and CEO of Sony, said that the Microsoft Xbox, which comes with a hard drive and Ethernet adapter out of the box, could force the company to transition to the PS3 earlier than intended."

"...Given his comments, it is not surprising that Ando feels that Microsoft has replaced Nintendo as the biggest competitor for his company's games division.."

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Soul Calibur 2 - High Quality Promotional Footage Released (Impress Gamewatch)
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Higher quality promotional footage of namco's upcoming multi-platform 3D fighter- Soul Calibur 2, has been released by Impress Gamewatch. The trailer is available in two qualities- high(23.5MB) and low(9.26MB). For the promotional footage, check Impress Gamewatch's section.

Special thanks to Rid Hershell for the news.

Short Comment: X-Box Launch turns Bill Gates into a Toys-R-US Kid

Well, here's an interesting photo of Bill Gates having fun with Video Games. This photo from the [ Official XBox site | section ] was just too much to ignore.

If you feel up to it, join the fun in figuring out what they're possibly saying there. [Click Here ]

Short Comment: What Chairman Kaga is doing after the Iron Chef

Pick your choice:

A- All of those days of eating Red Peppers finally got to him. He turned into a blue prune and retired. (Left)
B- He went balistic, learning that William Shatner will take his roll in the US version of the Iron Chef (Right)

But of course the correct answer is C- None of the above. "Chairman" Takeshi Kaga has been doing fairly well since the end of the Iron Chef nearly two years ago, making appearances in many Japanese TV Dramas and Commercials. But now he turned to off-broadway, and he's taking on the main roll of Jekyll and Hyde.

Check out the [ Official Site ] for a zoom-up pic of his face. Man does he look young when he's Hyde. Makeup?