News From 11/08/01

Metal Gear Solid 2 Wallpapers Released (

[ Link: Gpara | Section ]

Japanese game news site has released 4 varieties of Metal Gear Solid 2 wallpapers. Each wallpaper is available in three sizes- 640 x 480, 800 x 600, and 1024 x 768.

For the Wallpapers, check the site's section.

King Of Fighters EX Special Edition GBA (GameSpot Japan)
[ Link: Gamespot Japan | Article ]

The photo of the special edition "King Of Fighters EX -Neo Blood-" GBA handheld console has been released by GameSpot Japan. The special edition machine is "Skeleton pitch black", with the symbol marks of Kyo Kusanagai and Iori Yagami's clans on the bottom of the screen, and portraits of the two characters in the back. For the Photo, check GameSpot Japan's Article.

King Of Fighters EX -Neo Blood- is scheduled for release in 1/1/02, priced 5,800 Yen (software only) or 15,600 Yen (special set).

Man eats worms to win GameCube (ZDNet)

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Photo: NintendoGC

(ZDNet) "Nintendo of America has announced the winner of its "What would you do for a GameCube?" contest. Corey Olcsvary beat out four other finalists from across the nation to become the contest's grand-prize winner. Olcsvary performed the most outrageous stunt, as he became a Pikmin by shaving his head, donning a leaf, painting himself blue, and eating a bowl of Pikmin food, which included worms and crickets. As his prize, Olcsvary took home a Nintendo GameCube, a Game Boy Advance handheld, a video game software package, and $5,000 in cash. "

For the full article, check ZDNet's section. For the actual photo, check Nintendo's Gamecube Site(Nintendo Challenge).

Short Comment: Capcom Illustrator Akiman's Site

Image: Akiman's HP

What about that, I didn't know Akiman worked on Turn-A Gundam. And now he's working on a new Capcom game in the States... I wonder what he's up to? That Man Icon in Akiman's diary was made by Kinu Nishimura, according to his entries. And no, Kinu has no site.. but check her upcoming Diana in Akiman's site, coming up in the next update! -H.Moriarty

[ Akiman's HP ]
Special thanks to for the News.

Short Comment: Holy Moles, that's Big.

I didn't realize that the XBox was THAT big. Check the Contrast photo to the Nintendo GameCube.

[ The GeorgeBox -Let's Evaluate ]
Actually, check The GeorgeBox from its Index Page. It's quite interesting.
Special thanks to Onslaught for the News.

Short Comment- I was told by my friend Leon that the Photo may have come from, a fine Japanese issues centered game articles site. For goodness sakes.. webmasters, please ink your images so that they'd be easier to credit! Like that Xbox pic with the blatant Gamespot logo in the middle of the shot. Ok, that's going a bit too far. -H.Moriarty