News From 11/28/01

The King Of Fighters EX- New Character Details and Images Released
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Marvelous Entertainment has released additional details and images of KOFEX's new character through Enterbrain Inc.'s Arcadia Magazine.

The new character- already known as Habana Moe (mo-eh) from the previous announcement, is a Japanese girl raised in the States and uses ancient martial arts. Taking daily care of Kyo Kusanagi outside of Japan after his escape from the Nests cartel, Moe finds an invitation letter to the next KOF tournament sent to Kyo, and decides to enter with him and Benimaru. It is hinted that Moe may have a deeper connection to Kyo or possibly to his bloodline, likewise to Iori.

King Of Fighters EX -Neo Blood- is scheduled for release in 1/1/02, priced 5,800 Yen (software only) or 15,600 Yen (special set).

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PlayOnline- High Quality Screenshots Added to Final Fantasy XI Site
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Square has released a section dedicated to high quality screenshots in their Playonline's Final Fantasy XI site. Images include countries, kingdoms, parties, party alliances, Chocobos and more.

For the images, check PlayOnline's FFXI site.

Tales of Fandom Vol.1 Cover & screenshots Released (Impress Gamewatch)
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New images of Namco's upcoming "Tales" series fan disk, "Tales Of Fandom Vol.1" have been released by Impress Gamewatch. Images include two varieties of the game's cover/jacket, as well as screenshots of the three games included in the disk: Kao-venture (face adventure game), Kao-Dora (face drama game), and Craymel Lab (puzzle game).

For the images, check Impress Gamewatch's section.

KOF 2001 & etc Home ROM, MVS maintenance, NGLand to be continued by Sun Amusement
According to Enterbrain Inc's Arcadia magazine, the home version ROM of "The King Of Fighters 2001" is scheduled for release next year by Sun Amusement Co. In addition, Sun Amusement plans to release future MVS titles to the home system as well, depending on the movement of the market.

Sun Amusement widely became known to the public since its apparance as the distributor for KOF2001 arcade ROMs within domestic Japan. Respectively, Sun Amusement has also announced to service maintenance for MVS machines in place of SNK, and will continue operation of SNK's Arcade franchise, "NeoGeo Land".

Short Comment- An Online Game of the King Of Fighters!?

I'm not sure what exactly to make of this, but there's apparently an Online King Of Fighters game being created by a Korean Company or Group. It looks extremely interesting, but I can't navigate the site without errors. In any case, check it out if you're a KOF fan. [ ] -H. Moriarty

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