News From 11/17/01

Additional Square Kingdom Hearts Info, more Final Fantasy characters to be included

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Additional information and images of Square and Disney's collaboration game "Kingdom Hearts" has been released through Shueisha Publishing's weekly Jump magazine.

In addition to Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Cid and Moogle, Final Fantasy VIII's Squall and Final Fantasy VII's Yuffie are now confirmed to be in the game as well. Additional Final Fantasy characters may still be present in the game. [ Image ]

Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" and the world of "Hercules" have been confirmed to be in the game, both with their distinct atmospheres and characters. Battles in the distinct locations are not necessarily against the Heartless, but may be with theme orientied enemies such as the Trump soldiers. Traveling around world locations can be done with the "Gummy Ship", which can be customized with additional gummy parts.

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Kingdom Hearts is scheduled for release in Spring of 2002, price undetermined.

Short Comment: Nakoruru Adventure Game OVA

I didn't know about it, but a Nakoruru OVA is underway, scheduled for release early next year under a distributor named Groove Corporation. The story is based on the adventure game previously released by Interlets, and the quality looks pretty good too.

What's a bit scary is, if the first announcement of the OVA release back in August was correct, the animation studio is Studio Kikan, which has a site that looks like.. this... [ site ]

Special thanks to
Maehara Zepy for the news / thumbnail source (Newtype Magazine- 12/01).

Short Comment: Bleem, R.I.P.

Looks like Bleem's plugs got pulled. It took me some time to figure out why Sonic was crying over the grave of the commercial emulator. Right, Bleemcast. The emu that expected users to pay up per title. No wonder it went belly-flop.

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