News From 11/10/01

King Of Fighters 2001 Face Icons released by
[ Link: ]

Original KOF2001 Face Icons produced by Fat Cat Lim and, are now available for free download and use. Please note that these were made from scratch, and are not the same Face icons as those of Japanese site Yurihr , which prohibits any use.

For downloading and use of's KOF2001 Icons, check their site. Please note that credit to Fat Cat Lim and a link to is required for their use- this will also solve any potential confusions.

Guilty Gear X For PC - Demo Released (Impress GameWatch)

[ Link: Impress Gamewatch | Section ]

Japanese Game site Impress Gamewatch, has released a demo of Guilty Gear Xfor the PC. Minimal Requirements for the PC version is PentiumIII 700MHZ, and a video card with 16MB VRAM and 3D accelleration.

Please note that the Demo version only allows for a game of Sol vs Kai, and no option or other modes are available. This also means that frameskip- an available option in the product version, is not selectable for the demo.

For the 34MB Demo, check Impress Gamewatch's Download area.

Short Comment- Although the site comments nothing about it, please note that there's a possibility that the demo won't run on a non-Japanese OS. -H.Moriarty

Soul Calibur 2 - Promotional Footage Released (GameCube IGN)
[ Link: GameCube IGN | Section ]

Promotional footage of namco's upcoming multi-platform 3D fighter- Soul Calibur 2, has been released by GameCube IGN. The 4MB trailer is based on the arcade version of the game.

For the 1:48 minute promotional footage, check GameCube IGN's section.

Short Comment: Toro the Cat vs Samurai Cat

Well, here's an interesting clip of Sony's Toro the Cat from Japanese site "Monaken", coming in face to face with a Samurai Cat that's known to be one of the tourist attraction in a traditional Japanese film studio called Nikkou Edo-Mura.

It's a short clip and there's not much Toro in it, but if you want to check the footage(WMV8 format, 1.9MB), you better go now because the vid's scheduled to be deleted within 24 hours from the writing of this news!

[ Monaken "-Go-" ]
And yes, this is the same site from where the special edition Onimusha 2 footage was released. Cool site.