March, 2002

- Short Comment- Larger edition of Rage Of the Dragons Poster

- Sega Game Jam- RED to become part of Sega / TRIGUN to be Produced with Smilebit / Virtua Fighter Quest Announced (Gamespot Japan)

- SNK vs. CAPCOM Officially Announced - To Be Released for NeoGeo MVS

- Short Comment- ChallengerAM Goes Nuts? Claims SNK vs Capcom for NeoGeo in May & More.

- Final Fantasy Tactics for GBA Confirmed for Development, Producer Interviewed
- Guilty Gear XX to be Released May 9th for Arcades

- Nakoruru OVA - Images released (
- Short Comment- Quick Review of Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Images Included

- Kingdom Hearts Footages (
- Short Comment- NeoGeo's "Rage of the Dragons" Poster (Updated)
- Short Comment- FF:U, New WallPaper Released

- Capcom Biohazard1 site Updated, Costumes & Extra weapons revealed
- Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Opening released (
- Short Comment- Photo of Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto
- Short Comment- And yet, another Quality Doujin Fighter

- Short Comment- Final Fantasy Unlimited to go Tentacles in Last Episode?
- Final Fantasy : Unlimited to End Show, Multimedia releases Scheduled
- More on Square and Nintendo relationship (
- NeoGeo title- "Rage Of The Dragon", To begin Beta testing in NeoGeoland
- Konami to release "The Art of Metal Gear Solid 2" (Dengeki Online)
- Short Comment- Wild Arms 3 HardDrive Installation images, released by "Xenosaaaga"

- Eolith Accepting Character Votes for KOF2002- Ressurection and Deletion of Characters
- Konami to demo new GBA Castlevania, Official site Created (Gamespot Japan)
- Microsoft Complains to have Playstation2 kicked out of Convention
- Short Comment- on "Bang The Machine", Additional footage at

- Tekken 4 TV Commercial Released (Tekken Fight Club)
- Short Comment- ROD fever still present

- Kingdom Hearts Full Soundtrack List, Possible Spoilers (Toshiba EMI)
- Kingdom Hearts Products & Article, Weekly Jump Scans (Luna-world)
- Tekken 4 - Additional images released, Opening scenes (Impress Gamewatch)
- Short Comment- New FFX Monster Figures to be Released, FFVII Heat still on

- Konami Scheduled to release new Contra game for Playstation2
- Short Comment- Metal Gear Solid or The Matrix? MIT's new Challenge
- Short Comment- If you're bored with the Playstation, maybe you need... the Painstation.
- Short Comment- Biohazard 1 for GC in a few days.. will it bring in new audiences?

- Tecmo's 'Dead Or Alive' to become Movie and TV Series, Game Sequel Next Year (H.R)
- Fox draws deal for 'DragonBall' live-action pics (Hollywood Reporter)
- Sony Pays for using Fake Reviews and Audiences (Hollywood Reporter)

- Short Comment- Xenosaga too Detailed- Namco designers overly dedicated to their work?
- Short Comment- Beware of the Final Fantasy Virus!!

- Nintendo on Square Development, "Final Fantasy" and "Final Fantasy Tactics"
- Background Details to Recent Square & Nintendo Movement Reported

- Square Releases Public Statement, Confirms Development For Nintendo
- Tecmo to Release Dead or Alive 3 "Booster Disc" in May (
- Short Comment- Never had a Weekend this Hot! Square to return to Nintendo

- Square Returns to Development For Nintendo Since 6 Years (Nikkei Journal, Reuters)
- "Nightmare before Christmans" Weekly Jump Scan (Luna-world)
- "Gun Survivor 3 - Dino Crisis" Official Site opened by Capcom
- Q&A with Soul Calibur II producer Hiroaki Yotoriyama (
- Namco Soul Calibur 2 - Higher Resolution Screenshots Released (Impress Gamewatch)
- Capcom updates Biohazard GameCube section
- Short Comment- Magical Mushrooms Finally Illegal in Japan

- Microsoft Releases Second Public Statement, Will Replace Scratched Disks
- Capcom Announces "Capcom vs SNK 2" for Nintendo GameCube
- Namco Soul Calibur 2 - Additional Screenshots Released (Gamespot Japan)
- Sakura Wars 4 Commercial Trailer Released (Gamespot Japan)

- Short Comment- Big or small? Only 500 English KOF2001 Carts to be Released Worldwide

- Eolith Announces Aquirement of KOF2001 License for PC, Release Mid-2002
- Namco Xenosaga Wallpapers released by
- Compression Standard DivX 5 Released (

- Microsoft Makes Official Statement on Japanese Xbox Disk Scratch Issue

- DICE Summit Nintendo Q & A Transcript with Shigeru Miyamoto (Gamespot)
- Capcom updates Biohazard GameCube section, Old HQ Movies to be Deleted
- Nakoruru Adventure game for the DreamCast, Delayed to 3/28
- Short Comment- Yipes, Missed it since 2 months back...