News From 03/05/02

Eolith Announces Aquirement of KOF2001 License for PC, Release Mid-2002
[ Link: Eolith Ltd. | Public Statement ]

Korean software publisher Eolith Co. Ltd, has announced to have acquired the license under Playmore Co. to develop "The King Of Fighters 2001" for the PC platform.

The King Of Fighters 2001 was originally developed by Eolith for the Arcade MVS platform through license by SNK, prior to SNK's bankruptcy. SNK's intellectual assets are currently properties of Playmore.

The King Of Fighters 2001 for the PC will include all of the features from the original arcade version, and is also scheduled to include additional character(s) and motion images (*1).

Eolith CEO Jeon Ju-Young comments that The King Of Fighters 2001 for the PC is targeted for release in mid-2002, sales aimed at 4 Billion Won (approximately 3 Million$ US).

(*1) - Motion images: Unclear if referring to movie/animation clips, or additional in-game/character motion graphics.

Special thanks to BurningKyo for the News.

Namco Xenosaga Wallpapers released by
[ Link: | Section ]

Wallpapers of Namco's latest RPG release for the Sony Playstation 2 - Xenosaga, has been released through Japanese gaming site

For the 5 varieties of wallpapers featured in 3 sizes, check the site's section.

Short Comment- By God, it's popular! Downloading even one seemed to have taken quite some time.. the sites returns a 403 Prohibited when it's busy. Just keep retrying. - "Madman" H. Moriarty

Compression Standard DivX 5 Released (
[ Link: | Contrast Chart | Download Section ]

Version 5 of standard multimedia compression codec DivX, has been released.

Quoted, "DivX 5.0 raises the bar for video technologies everywhere with a universal architecture, increased optimizations and encoding performance, significantly improved visual quality, MPEG-4 compatibility including a new MPEG-4 based DivX file format, a complete command line interface for advanced users, and a host of other improvements that will appear to novice and power users alike ... is capable of playing back all versions of DivX technology, from 3.11 alpha and earlier, to version 5.0 and later."

DivX 5 is currently available for download in standard edition(free) and "Pro" edition(30$, or free w/ads). Differences in the two versions are comparable through the site's charts. For the Codec, check the site's download section.