News From 03/17/02

Kingdom Hearts Full Soundtrack List, Possible Spoilers (Toshiba EMI)
[ Link: Toshiba-EMI | Section ]

Music Entertainment company Toshiba-EMI, has released the full soundtrack list of Square's upcoming game "Kingdom Hearts". While the list is mostly in English, please note that they contain spoilers.

"Kingdom Hearts - Original Soundtrack" is scheduled for release in 3/27, priced 3200 w/tax. For the soundtrack list, check Toshiba-Emi's section.

Special thanks to Luna-World for the news.

Kingdom Hearts Products & Article, Weekly Jump Scans (Luna-world)
[ Link: Luna-World | Section | Section ]

Japanese Kingdom Hearts fan site "Luna World" has released scans of the latest issue of Jump magazine by Shueisha publishing, featuring a short overview of the game and the product line-up by Tomy toys.

Kingdom Hearts is scheduled for release in 3/28, priced 6800 Yen. For the scans, check the site.

Special thanks to Quiter for the news.

Tekken 4 - Additional images released, Opening scenes (Impress Gamewatch)
[ Link: Impress Gamewatch | Article | Sub Article ]

Japanese game news site Impress Gamewatch has released images of opening scenes of Namco's upcoming 3D fighter sequel, Tekken4. Images include the Mishima family in the main article page, and Steve Fox, Christie Montiero, and Marduck in the sub article page.

Tekken4 is scheduled for release in 3/28, priced 6800 Yen. For the images, check Impress Gamewatch's article.

Special thanks to Freeter for the news.

Short Comment - Eee-yipes. Same release date as Kingdom Hearts. - "Madman" H. Moriarty

Short Comment- New FFX Monster Figures to be Released, FFVII Heat still on

It seems that model kit company Kotobukiya is releasing 4 new characters in their FFX Monster Action Figures" collection- Anima, Ultima Weapon, Varna, and Iron Giant. I heard that they're limited to 1500 productions per each figure, which might be possibly just be about enough, considering that they're not mainstream characters.

On a side note, I didn't know that there's another Tifa figure already on sale. Sure shows the popularity of Final fantasy VII, despite being a title 5 years old now. -H. Moriarty