News From 03/07/02

Microsoft Releases Second Public Statement, Apologizes on Japanese Xbox Disk Scratch Issue- Will Replace Scratched Disks

[ Link: Xbox Official Japanee Site | Second Public Statement ]

Microsoft has made a second official statement regarding the disk scratch issue on Japanese Xbox consoles, following their first statement in 03/04/02 that the scratches are "a natural phenomenon which happens with friction" (Original public statement of 03/04/02 has now been deleted from Microsoft's site). The following is a translation of the second public statement.


Concerning the effects on DVD/CDs when running on the Xbox and the actions to be taken

Thank you very much for using our company's product on a regular basis.

This is an announcement "concerning the effects on DVD/CDs when running, and the actions to be taken" for our company's videogame console "Xbox", released on February 22nd.

We deeply apologize for causing great inconvenience to our customers, business partners and others involved, concerning the phenomenon of some Xboxes "creating scratches on the outside of DVD/CDs after use".

While we have not received any reports such as "the game won't run any more" or "the DVD/CD won't play back any more" from customers calling in to Xbox support or from researches within our company, it has been decided that we will be taking actions as followed below.


- If the "DVD/CD gets scratched", or problems occur with the Xbox console/game, or other problems concerning DVD/CDs occur from the use of the Xbox, please contact Xbox customer support (Tel:0570-019-602, 10:00AM-6:00PM excluding Weekends and national holidays). We will promptly take action with repairs or exchanges.

- Furthermore, we will also correspond to DVD/CD disks scratched by the Xbox by exchanging them with the same item, brand new.

We will strive to offer products which will further satisfy our customers, from now into the future.

The latest news on this issue will continue to be released through the Japanese Xbox site ( and other methods.

Microsoft Corporation
Xbox Department

For the original Public Statement in Japanese, check the Official Japanese Xbox site.

Short Comment- Wow, what a difference in their change of statements. They're actually going to replace third party CD/DVDs. Even more, MICROSOFT ACTUALLY APOLOGIZED !! If that's not a first, what is? Too bad some damage has already been made to their reputation and the Xbox. If only they didn't release that first public announcement, thing would've been perfect for them. - "Madman" H. Moriarty

Capcom Announces "Capcom vs SNK 2" for Nintendo GameCube
[ Link: Capcom | Sales Schedule ]

Capcom has announced their latest 2D fighter game, "Capcom vs SNK 2" to be released for the Nintendo Gamecube.

At the current time, no details have been revealed to the quality of the port, any additions, price or release date. The title of the game is "tentative" at the time being.

For the full list of Upcoming Capcom titles including Capcom vs SNK2, check Capcom's official software sales schedule.

Short Comment- "Tentative title"? Did Capcom just put that lable there since nothing much is determined in the details of the port, or are they .. planning something? Only time will tell. - "Madman" H. Moriarty

Namco Soul Calibur 2 - Additional Screenshots Released (Gamespot Japan)
[ Link: Gamespot Japan | Section ]

Japanese videgame news site Gamespot Japan, has released new additional screenshots of Namco's upcoming 3D fighter sequel, Soul Calibur 2.

For the 19 new screen shots, check the site's section.

Short Comment- From the 18th image, it looks like the game may have 5 play modes. - "Madman" H. Moriarty

Sakura Wars 4 Commercial Trailer Released (Gamespot Japan)
[ Link: Gamespot Japan | Section ]

TV Commercial trailer of Sega's upcoming popular adventure game sequel "Sakura Wars 4" for the Dreamcast, has been released by Gamewatch Japan. Two versions are available in normal and high resolution (740 x 280) - Sakura version, and Erika version.

For the 15 second clips, check Gamespot's section.