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Tecmo's 'Dead Or Alive' to become Action Movie and TV Series, Game Sequel to be Released next year with Movie (Hollywood Reporter)
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(The Hollywood Reporter, Quoted) "LOS ANGELES --- Mindfire Entertainment, which is developing feature films based on Sega's "House of the Dead" games and begins shooting on the first one in May, has acquired film and TV rights for the best-selling "Dead or Alive" video game franchise from Japanese game publisher Tecmo.

The live-action "DOA -- The Movie," which will have a budget in the $30 million range, will begin filming late this year for an expected theatrical release next year in conjunction with the next game's release.

Mindfire also is developing a live-action television series projected for launch in fall 2004. Producing the film are Mindfire partners Dan Bates, Mark Altman and Mark Gottwald, along with Entertainment Licensing Associates president Daniel Kletzky. Mindfire is taking pitches from writers and may develop two scripts simultaneously, choosing the best one or possibly using the second for a sequel or TV pilot.

"Even though it's a fighting game, there's a complex story behind it all," said Altman, Mindfire's chief operating officer. " 'DOA' and Tecmo have set the standard for this genre of video game, so we plan to do a studio picture with an A-level cast and have cutting-edge Hong Kong-type fight choreography for the film, which respects the high standard and quality of the game and its martial arts action. With the vast array of locales featured in the games, I expect we'll do some globe-trotting for locations."

"I believe that the future of digital entertainment is a marriage between interactive and passive entertainment, and the 'Dead or Alive' movie deal with Mindfire Entertainment is a great example of this," said Tecmo marketing director John Inada, who engineered the film deal. "From a marketing perspective, this movie deal will open up many co-marketing opportunities that were not previously available to a video game publisher. The rapid growth of the game industry is often compared with the movie industry as though we're rivals, but the truth is more and more game publishers and movie studios are looking for ways to work together to create a powerful synergy which can lead to the creation of a profitable model for multimedia entertainment."

Altman said Mindfire will work closely with Tecmo to blend elements of additional games into the feature film and TV series. The film will take an "X-Men" approach to the array of 16-20 characters from the games by introducing several heroes in the first film.

"We'll focus on four or five of the most popular characters, like Jann Lee, teasing some other popular characters in smaller roles," Altman said. "Because there are so many characters in this universe, each with his or her own back story, it would be possible to develop a film and TV series concurrently." "

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Short Comment - Very Interesting! Looking forward to what Kasumi will look like, sine I can't think of an actress who'd portay as her too well.
- "Madman" H. Moriarty

Fox draws deal for 'DragonBall' live-action pics (Hollywood Reporter)
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DBZ (TV anime)

(Hollywood Reporter, Quoted) "20th Century Fox has acquired the feature film rights to the hugely successful Japanese anime property "DragonBall" for studio division Fox 2000 to develop into a live-action franchise.

Created by Japanese writer Akira Toriyama as a best-selling graphic novel, the property has been translated into a top-rated cartoon series, video games and straight-to-video releases, but the Fox deal marks the first time any company or studio has secured the live-action rights to the property. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. ...

... "DragonBall" is perhaps best known by American audiences as a series on the Cartoon Network. "DragonBall Z" -- a series of 250-300 episodes that follow Goku's life as he grows up, gets married and has two sons -- debuted on the network in August 1998 and is the highest-rated cartoon on the network. (Chris Gardner)"

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Sony Pays for using Fake Reviews and Audiences (Hollywood Reporter)
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(Hollywood Reporter, Quoted) "HARTFORD, Conn. -- Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. has agreed to pay the state $326,000 for using fake reviews attributed to a Connecticut newspaper in promoting its films.

Sony also has agreed to stop fabricating movie reviews, and to stop using ads in which Sony employees pose as moviegoers praising films they have just seen, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Tuesday. "These deceptive ads deserve two thumbs down -- and now are getting a third from Sony itself," Blumenthal said."

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Short Comment - That's pretty damn low for Sony! But I do remember this issue about the ficticious character "David Manning" when his cover was first blown back near a year ago. So it's not exactly breaking news, but it's still interesting. While we're on the Subject of Sony, maybe I'll mention about the "PainStation" tomorrow.. heh heh. - "Madman" H. Moriarty