News From 03/25/02

Kingdom Hearts Footages (
[ Link: | Section1 | Section2 | Section3 | Section4 | Section5 | Section6 | Section7 ]

Korean game news site has released a collection of footages from Square's upcoming PS2 release, Kingdom Hearts.

Footages include the opening scenes, in-game play, event scenes and summons.

Kingdom Hearts is scheduled for release on 3/28, priced 6800Yen. For the 10 mpeg files Ranging from 46 to 22 MB, check Ruliweb's sections. Note that the number of downloaders now have a limit- the use of a download tool is suggested.

Section1&2- Openings
Section3- Prologue
Section4&5- Event Scenes
Section6,7- Simba, Genie Summon

Short Comment- With all these 30MB+ files being released, it's not too diffuclut to see why their server is clogging. -"Madman" H. Moriarty

Short Comment- NeoGeo's "Rage of the Dragons" Poster (Updated)

Update: A more recent poster of the Evoga's upcoming NeoGeo title "Rage Of The Dragons" in full color, is now available at [ Rage of the Dragons 2002 ]. Check out the site for the image, or [ Here ] for a backup when the site is down. Special thanks to Fuchikoma for the news.

The previous silhouette image by
from the convention in Mexico City held by Evoga last November is still available [ Here ]. Try contrasting the two for fun!
-H. Moriarty

Short Comment- FF:U, New WallPaper Released

A new wallpaper just got released in the official FF:U site. It features the main heroine Lisa, who by the way appears more in the show than the main character.

She looks fine in the wallpaper, aside from her belt. Her belt looks somewhat unnatural. In fact, If I were the extremely imaginative type, I'd say it looks a bit like...
er, nevermind. [ FF:U -Present ] -H. Moriarty