News From 03/19/02

Eolith Accepting Character Votes for KOF2002- Ressurection and Deletion of Characters
[ Link: Eolith- KOF Official Site ]

Image: KOF2001

KOF2001 development company Eolith has announced in their site to accept cast votings for their upcoming release, "The King Of Fighters 2002".

Users may cast in a vote of 3 characters they would like to ressurect back into the KOF series, and 3 characters they would like to be deleted from the roster of the previous game- KOF2001.

In order to vote, mail from the left link on Eolith's KOF site, marked by the address "". Eolith anticipates for many participants to input into the vote.

Konami to demo new GBA Castlevania, Official site Created (Gamespot Japan)
[ Link: Gamespot Japan | Castlevania (Konami) ]

Japanese game news site Gamespot Japan, has revealed that Konami will be demonstrating their upcoming release for the Gameboy Advance, "Castlevania -White Night Concerto (Hakuya no Concerto)" in Japan.

Demonstrations will be taking place in two locations- Akihabara district of Tokyo, and Nipponbashi district of Osaka. In addition, the official site of the game has been created. As of the current moment, only the index is available in the site.

For additional images of the game or official illustrations, check Gamespot Japan's Article and Konami's site.

Short Comment- Gamespot Japan's First picture: the Grim Reaper in the Castle is saying "Perhaps, but this power is clearly different than our King's." So, just like producter Igarashi was saying... - "Madman" H. Moriarty

Microsoft Complains to have Playstation2 kicked out of Convention
[ Link: ZDNet | Section ]

(, Quoted) "Less than a week after Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer told visitors to the massive CeBIT exhibition in Germany that he wanted to see a warmer, friendlier Microsoft, his company has become embroiled in a row with Sony over gaming consoles."

"Microsoft complained to the show organizers, Hannover Messe AG, that Sony was breaching show rules by letting people play on Sony PlayStation 2 game consoles. Technically, this was right and the Messe was forced to act on the complaint."

"Microsoft officials denied that the company had complained to the Messe. But the show organizers confirmed that Richard Roy, vice president, corporate strategy, had complained. ... Microsoft has been busy showing the Xbox on its stand with employees demonstrating its console. "

For the full article, check ZDNet.
Special thanks to Chupiler and Freeter for the news.

Short Comment- on "Bang The Machine", Additional footage at

"Bang the machine" - the documentary film about Capcom Fighter game players in the States, is apparently gaining a lot of popularity. I didn't notice that had an article up since the same day posted up their first two footages. Here's an excerpt from their article.

"For some, video games are more than entertainment. They are sport. Every few weeks, the country's best players gather in California, Chicago and New York hoping to capture tournament championships and the respect of their peers.

Good players can make as much as $1,000 per tournament, clearly not a living wage but evidence that these players aren't in it for the money. Alex Valle, the best Street Fighter player in the United States and maybe the world, is a janitor in Orange County.

But if the money is lacking, celebrity and respect in this sub-culture are very much a part of the experience. And the lure of competition is transforming the very social structure that kids have traditionally had. More and more, kids are turning to video games -- and not traditional sports such as football and basketball -- as their primary source of interactions.

The emerging phenomenon was captured in Bang the Machine, a documentary film that follows the creation of the U.S. Street Fighter II team, which traveled to Japan to battle for international respect in 2000."

The article gets more interesting as it follows on to the second page. For's full article, check [ Here ].

For the official site of the documentary film, check
[ ]. In addition, [ Link ] has just added two more additional clips in their site yesterday, so check it out if you're interested. I wish I was at the festival to see the full presentation, looks interesting. -H. Moriarty