News From 03/11/02

From Bloomberg Interview to Square, 02/12 (Japan)
- Square will release 3-4 games during 2002, with remakes of past million seller(s) as well as original title(s). The basic plan for Square is to use resources from their past. Game Designer's Studio will be distributing the games, development will be entrusted to Square.

Short Comment- Xenosaga too Detailed- Namco designers overly dedicated to their work?

There's a Japanese site called "Lilical Space", which seems surprised that their site's hit rate has been growing by the thousands, in *percentage*. The reason is simple, but a bit perverse : Panty shots in Xenosaga.

Apparently, the site owner was playing around with a viewer angle control code (Hold R2 and L2 on the 2P controller and move the analog key) when he found out that it was actually possible to get "queer" angles of characters. Even more, he found out that the game's designers put in a few more polygons than they really needed in the game.

For images, check out "Lilical Space". The site also hosts a pretty humorous fake photo of the Playstation3 for those of who can understand the joke, and also has a link to a page with a clip showing how fast Zenosaga plays with the PS2 HDD.
-H. Moriarty

Short Comment- Beware of the Final Fantasy Virus!!

Beware of the Final Fantasy Virus!! It seems that there's a worm faking itself as a copy of Square's game, Final Fantasy VIII.

A new virus named the "FINTAS" worm has been found
by security company I-Defence Japan Co. This virus fakes itself as an attachment of a Final Fantasy VIII game on e-mails, and will rewrite the autoexec.bat on a PC when executed. And afterwards, it will overwrite all hard drives on the PC, from C:\ to Z:\.

Scary. Although somehow I have a feeling that a few people would be saying "You deserve to be infected if you play FFVIII!!"

Special thanks to for the news. (Article by Net Security )
-H. Moriarty