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Tekken 4 TV Commercial Released (Tekken Fight Club)
[ Link: Tekken Fight Club | Section ]

Japanese Tekken fan site "Tekken Fight Club" has released the TV commercial of Namco's upcoming Playstation 2 Release, Tekken 4.

For the TV commercial (15 seconds/2.5MB), check Tekken Fight Club's section. Tekken4 is scheduled for release in 3/28, priced 6800 Yen.

Short Comment - Article updated: Credit given to the correct site. Ruliweb is but hosting a mirror. - "Madman" H. Moriarty

Short Comment- ROD fever still present

It's been some time since the series ended, but looks like Read Or Die's fever just won't die out. Under Sony Music Entertainment, the official OVA site [ Site ] just keeps growing, and growing, and growing... The series only consisted of 3 volumes, but it's amazing how much attention it's attracted.

The storyline is very simple. A clumsy half-Japanese bibliomania working as a special agent under the UK, teams up with a sexy woman with the ability to go through anything, and a guy who has no special abilities but can use guns and granades (huh??). Together, they must fight against evil, consisting of historical characters like
and his suicidal masterpiece that makes people kill themselves. You know that it's all just an anime, because in reality, people fall asleep before they even have the chance to kill themselves when they listen to classical music.

Since the Engrish version of their section sucks like all other Japanese sites, here goes a quick rundown of the more interesting items in the Japanese section. Special thanks to Freeter, Rid Hershel and Holiday for some of the links.
-H. Moriarty

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