December, 2001

- Short Comment- Merry Christmas to All! Look at who's working Part-time today.
- Short Comment- Capcom already setting up for Valentines Day

- Guilty Gear X 2 Officially announced to be Released, Spring 2002
- Short Comment- DragonBall "VS" to be 3D Gundam type game..?

- King Of Fighters 2001 to be Released for Home Console in March 14th
- Short Comment- "Challenger" Reports Capcom's Next "VS" series release to be Drago. . .. WHAT THE ???

- Sega Releases Phantasy Star Online for PC Demo
- Final Fantasy XI Beta testing begins, Official site makes Grand Opening
- Final Fantasy X Reviewed, Scores 9.3 (
- King Of Fighters EX -Neo Blood, Wallpaper released (
- Sega Opens Official Virtua Fighter 4 for Playstation2 Site
- Short Comment- SNKNeoGeo Domain already reserved since Last Month
- Short Comment- "So you Want To Learn Japanese."

- Game Chosun- SNK to Ressurect as "SNK NEOGEO"
- King Of Fighters 2001 Combo Videos Released
- High Quality Tekken 4 Images Released (Impress GameWatch)
- Vampire Night Wallpaper Released (
- SquareSoft Confirms Dec 18th Final Fantasy X shipment (GameSpot)
- Short Comment- Can Anyone Guess who this Artist Is?

- Kyo Takagen's KOFPerfect Reopens, new Design

- GameCube Biohazard - Official site Releases Additional Jill images and Footage
- Biohazard for the GameCube- Jill Images Released
- Namco releases PlayStation2 version Tekken 4 Details and Images
- Additional Soul Calibur 2 Images, Xianghua Revealed (Impress Gamewatch)
- Short Comment- Low Price High Quality Trading Figures, the Current "Trend"
- Short Comment- 10 signs that your son may be a Hacker

- "Final Fantasy X International" Scheduled for release in 1/31 (RunSystem)
- Watanabe Seisakujo- Latest Addon Patch Updated
- Short Comment- Casbox's Stinger Report Documents Recent SNK Movements