News From 12/18/01

Sega Releases Phantasy Star Online for PC Demo
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Sega's Sonic Team has released a demo of their upcoming Phantasy Star Online port to the PC. The demo version allows for play in one stage. No sound or online play is available in the demo version. Required specs goes as follows: Windows98 or Above, PIII450MHZ and higher, 64MB memory, Direct3D & Direct Music compatible boards, directX8.1 or higher.

For the 13MB demo, Check Sonic Team's web site, or any one of their affiliated mirrors. Phantasy Star Online for the PC is scheduled for release in 12/20, priced 6800 Yen.

Short Comment- I think it's playable in a non-Japanese Windows, though I can't be certain. I've never played PSO before, but the game's demo seems very simplistic. You can't pick characters in the demo version- the demo allows only a play with a Hume warrior.. -H. Moriarty

Final Fantasy XI Beta testing begins, Official site makes Grand Opening
[ PlayOnline | Final Fantasy XI ]
Square has begun beta testing on their first major Online RPG, Final Fantasy XI. Together with the beta testing on its service, the official Final Fantasy XI site has made its Grand Opening, with a renewed design.

Beta testing for Play Online and Final Fantasy XI is still available for sign-up. Final Fantasy X Reviewed, Scores 9.3 (
[ | Article ]
"...Much of Final Fantasy X is purely optional--though the game will take you no fewer than 40 hours to complete the first time through, you could easily spend twice as long exploring some of its late-game side quests and searching for suitably rewarding secrets. Not every player will be willing or even prepared to spend this much time with the game, and it's more than likely that not everyone will even be able to finish the game, either. So if you're a hard-core fan of the series and are wondering whether Square is loosening the reigns, dumbing Final Fantasy down to make it accessible to an even broader audience, then rest assured that's definitely not the case. "

For the full article by Greg Kasavin, check

Short Comment- I've known Greg Kasavin as a good friend on the internet since nearly 8 years back, and while I haven't had the occasion to speak to him in recent times, it's great to see him doing well. Although I would've killed to link to him on a Neogeo related review like the good old days, it's doubtful that that'll ever happen. So instead, I decided to link to Greg's review on Final Fantasy X, since Greg seems to be a FF fan as much as myself. -H. Moriarty

King Of Fighters EX -Neo Blood, Wallpaper released (
[ | Section ] has released three varieties of wallpapers for Marvelous Entertainment's upcoming Gameboy Advance game, King Of Fighters Ex- Neo Blood.

For the three varieties of Wallpaper available in three sizes, check's section.

Sega Opens Official Virtua Fighter 4 for Playstation2 Site
[ Virtua Fighter4- PS2 site ]
Sega has opened their official Site for the Playstation 2 version of Virtua Fighter 4. In addition to a brief introduction to Firtua Fighter and its characters, the site presents the changes between the arcade and PS2 version. Downloadable media are available as well.

Virtua Fighter 4 for the PS2 has two unique systems, A.I and Kumite. The Kumite mode allows the player to grow an artificial intelligence by either making the CPU watch and learn from player, or make the CPU fight itself and have the player educate the CPu by pressing O(good) or X(bad), depending on the attack it executres. The created A.I can be used in other game modes. The second system -"kumite", is described as a "virtual arcade" mode in which the player can fight against virtual opponents and raise their rank, similarly to the card ranking systems adopted for VF4 arcade machines in Japan. Equipable accessories will be available as well, likewise to the real arcades.

Short Comment- SNKNeoGeo Domain already reserved since Last Month

Well, it looks like the domain "" and "" have already been registered by Mega enterprise since the middle of last month- November 15th. But it looks like .net and .org, as well as aren't registered yet.

And god no, I'm not suggesting anyone to.. . .. .. er, nevermind what I've said.
-H. Moriarty

Short Comment- "So you Want To Learn Japanese."

"Despite what many language books, friends, or online tutorials may have told you, Japanese is NOT simple, easy, or even sensical (Japanese vocabulary is determined by throwing tiny pieces of sushi at a dart board with several random syllables attatched to it). The Japanese spread these rumours to draw foolish Gaijin into their clutches... "

Man, this article sure hits some nice spots like accuepuncture needles. It's a joke though, of course. Check the whole article out at- [ Dan's HomePage- so you want to Learn Japanese ]
-H. Moriarty

Special thanks to Juan for the news.