News From 12/23/01

Guilty Gear X 2 Officially announced to be Released, Spring 2002
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Sammy's Official Guilty Gear X site has announced Guilty Gear X 2 to be released in Spring, 2002. While the announcement of its release has been made, no details have been given as of present.

Short Comment- After Zato-1's voice actor died (by accident, before production of Guilty Gear X completed), Guilty Gear series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari commented that he'll kill off Zato as well (as seen in the GGX ending0 since he could only image Zato to be casted by that actor. Will Zato be gone, or still be in the game? We'll see. -H. Moriarty

Short Comment- DragonBall "VS" to be 3D Gundam type game..?

Just a short addition to yesterday's report from the Challenger site; the administrator comments that the Dragonball game (if true) is likely to be a 3D shooting action type game, similar to their Gundam arcade game recently released.

Well.. we'll know soon, I'm sure. You guess on your own, for now. -H. Moriarty

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