News From 12/22/01

King Of Fighters 2001 to be Released for Home Console in March 14th
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Major videogames retailer Chadran has announced the home console rom version of King Of Fighters 2001 to be released on 3/14, priced 39,800 Yen. The ROM will be distributed in Japan by Sun Amusement, as announced previously.

Short Comment- After Zato-1's voice actor died during the production of Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari commented that he'll kill off Zato as well (as seen in the GGX ending0 since he could only image Zato to be casted by that actor. Will Zato be gone, or still in the game? We'll see. -H. Moriarty

Short Comment- "Challenger" Reports Capcom's Next "VS" series release to be Drago. . .. WHAT THE ???

I'm sure a lot of arcade game fans know of the "Challenger" Kansai region Japan arcade chain's site, or at least heard of its name. They tend to be very reliable on the information they provide, and they're usually one of the first to report upcoming releases not announced to the public by the game publishers.

Normally, I wouldn't have a reason to outline my faith to this site's information, but the news that they just released was plain obscure that I myself am still debating whether it's accurate or not.

Did the challenger's site get hacked or something?(After all, there's a lot of viruses out there) If not, are they really accurate? If they are, why would Capcom contract with such an old title in this day of age? Didn't Capcom also say they'll evade from 2D fighters for at least a while?.
If it will actually come out, will it even be 2D, or even be a fighter game?

The answer to these questions, only time will tell.

The Challenger is reporting that the next "VS" series title from Capcom is scheduled to be Dragonball, to be released in Spring, 2002.
What the. .. !? -H. Moriarty

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