News From 12/10/01

Game Chosun- SNK to Ressurect as "SNK NEOGEO"
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According to Korean Game news site Game Chosun's article from 12/4, SNK is scheduled to revive under the name of "SNK NEOGEO", with a new company structure.

Game Chosun reports that a Japanese Pachinko company "Playmore"(roughly translated name) had acquired all of SNK's Intellectual properties in 11/30. Playmore schedules to continue succeeding SNK from 2002, under a new company named as "SNK NEOGEO".

Game Chousun also reports that Playmore has announced its contract with Mega Enterprise on 12/4 to collaborate on creating SNK NEOGEO KOREA. SNK NeoGeo Korea is scheduled to operate as the international base for Neo Geo related business and manufacture lines. SNK NeoGeo Korea's representative seat will temporarily be taken by Mega Enterprise's president, Sang Min Lee. Currently underway to securing copyrights, SNK NeoGeo Korea is scheduled to release its business plans in January.

Due to the flood of illegal products and companies illigitimately claiming to hold SNK product rights while SNK was under their temporary seizure, control over piracy will be taken. With the new Structure of SNK, PC emulator games/ROMs and game boards not released with permission through SNK NeoGeo Korea will be determined as illegal. Illegal products/boards can be easily be determined in the future, as legitimate products in the (Korean?) market will now hold the logo of "SNK NEOGEO KOREA".

For the full article in Hangeul, check Game Chosun.

Special thanks to SpekSNK, Toxico, Rune Kazama for notifying on the article.

Short Comment- It's always safe to be on the precautious side when reading news that's hard to confirm, but I posted this news since Game Chosun is known to be the first to report on KOF2002 to be developed by Eolith before any Japanese magazine realized, and they were the media who posted the last bosses' image from KOF2001 before the game was released. Also, please notice that "Playmore" is probably not be the correct spelling. I'm trying to find info on the company, but without much success. In any case, if this news holds true, I'm assuming that "SNK NeoGeo" will be a subsidiary of Playmore. -H. Moriarty

King Of Fighters 2001 Combo Videos Released
[ Game Kobeya | Cannon / (Mirror) | KOF2001 Douga ]
Three Japanese game sites- "Minazuki Satoshi no Game Kobeya", "Cannon", and "KOF2001 Douga" have released combo videos of KOF2001. Please note that not all combos are recommended for normal use. For the videos, check the sites.

Special thanks to for the news.

Short Comment- KOF2001 Douga has a viewable root where there's some extra clips. Cannon has replay clips of PB and seems to cover Eternal Fighter Zero as well. Game Kobeya has some nice fan art. -H. Moriarty.

High Quality Tekken 4 Images Released (Impress GameWatch)
[ Impress Gamewatch | Section ]
Japanese game news site Impress Gamewatch has released high resolution images of Namco's Upcoming Tekken 4 for the PlayStation2. For The images, check their site's section.

Tekken 4 for the Playstation2 - currently 60% complete, is scheduled for release in late March, price undetermined.

Vampire Night Wallpaper Released (
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Japanese game news site Gpara has released a wallpaper for Namco ans Sega's collaborative gun shooting game "Vampire Night" for the Arcade & Playstation2. For the Wallpapers in a variety of 3 sizes, check their site's section.

Vampire Nigght for the Playstation2 is scheduled for release on 12/6, priced 6800 Yen.

SquareSoft Confirms Dec 18th Final Fantasy X shipment (GameSpot)
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( "SquareSoft has confirmed recent reports by announcing that the shipment of Final Fantasy X has been moved up from its December 26 release date to December 18. The game will now be available at retailers nationwide on December 20, just days before Christmas. The shipment on December 18 will still be in limited quantities, with the game's full release planned for January"

For the full article, check Gamespot.

Short Comment- Square sure need to make money during the Xmas season. I can already se a brawl between gamers for the game before next month. Special thanks to Darren Dean for mailing the news beforehand, though a different source was used. -H. Moriarty

Short Comment- Can Anyone Guess who this Artist Is?

Can Anyone Guess who this artist is?
Who knew he can draw so Fantasy-style, despite that he's been drawing for...
[ Magical Vacation -Guest Art ]
Answer: Tetsuya Nomura

Special thanks to Quiter-W for the link. -H. Moriarty