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"Happy new year 2022! / 2021 in review" , posted Sat 1 Jan 00:05post reply

Tiger Uppercut! Sagat and his friend wish you a happy 2022/year of the tiger! Looking forward to hanging out virtually, and occasionally in person if we’re lucky, with all of you. Lately, it’s in vogue to disparage the previous year as the new one enters, but as the most stylish board on the internet, we set the vogue, baby! And I say 2021 was a definite improvement. Here are the gaming highlights for me. What’re yours?

Best fighting game - Justice Gakuen 3: ...what? This was just a fever dream based on some particularly gorgeously dressed lagfests? Ah well. Akira and Sakura still collectively made SFV the best fighting game in 2021 and 2018, despite Capcom’s best efforts to the contrary!

Best art - Guilty Gear Strive: While I will never understand Arc games, I will continue to dream that they get drafted by Capcom to do graphics for SFVI.

Best time-release character - “Howlin’ Mad” Henry Moriarty: Welcome back, Prof! We’ve missed you, even while knowing you were watching over us from the shadows.

RPG of the year - Phantasy Star IV: I did not expect to get inspired to finally play this 1993 classic by the fighting game thread, but I’m sure glad I did! I also did not expect to love it so much I would bother to attempt to correct the entire English-speaking internet so that its pioneering female director/writer is properly credited!

Craziest remaster - SaGa Frontier: If you told me Square would spend good money to retrofit actual fun onto the worst SaGa game 24 years after its release and then sell it with a straight face to people who actually seemed to like it somewhat, I would never have believed you!

Best strategy game - (it’s still) Game Boy Wars Advance from 2001! I can’t say I’m excited by the B minus artwork from the Wayforward “Re-boot Camp” remake that was supposed to come out in December but got delayed, but it sure reminded me to finally buy my own copy of the greatest li’l strategy game in the world with the best music for Domino/Sami, who is the best general (prove me wrong in battle!). Did you know: some people play it online without any music or graphics like it’s chess-by-mail!


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"Re(1):Happy new year 2022! / 2021 in review" , posted Sat 1 Jan 14:57:post reply

I'm looking forward to this year! Here's a list of top picks for 2021 from the views of someone who was out of action lol.

Fighting game Japanglish of the year: Melty Blood Type Lumina
It's supposed to mean "Coming as Free DLC". Quite a weird mistranslation given that everything else seems to look fine there.

Craziest fighting game of the year: DNFDuel Beta
From trying out the other 2021 fighting games now that I can play a bit, DNF seems to have just outright beat them all in terms of fun despite its utter unbalance. GGStrive feels like a street fighter spinoff of Guilty Gear with awesome aesthetics, KOF15 beta was just straight up KOF14UM, Melty Blood Lumina is actually pretty good but there's a one-button parry system that takes all the game's complex flavor and just throws it into a bucket of ketchup. It's still fun though, can't hide everything with Heinz.

Shmup' of the year: Xevious
If TV Asahi said 50,000 people decided it should be ranked 62th, it's pristine! Being sandwiched between Final Fantasy 3(FC) and Super Smash Bros must feel really comfortable. Even without playing for years, it's still truly the ultimate 8-bit BGM.

1980's Konami wrestling game ad of the year: The Main Event
Games from those yaydays sure comes with questions of copyright.

NeoGeo Trivia of the year: Art Of Fighting
For archive's sake it's been placed in the fighting games thread.

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"Happy new year 2022!" , posted Sat 1 Jan 17:25:post reply

Happy New Year

*oof i guess i need to change my signature and avatar after all these years

I'll use a photo of iggy that i took.

Also please fill me in with everything I've missed the past few years

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"Re(1):Happy new year 2022!" , posted Sun 2 Jan 10:41post reply

Happy Birthday Juri!

Also, here's to hoping 2022 is a good one for everyone!


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"Re(1):Happy new year 2022! / 2021 in review" , posted Tue 4 Jan 15:45post reply

I really ought to play more games, but I don't - so my "Game of the Year" goes to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis by default closing in on 500 hours of grinding to maximize my most wonderful girl.

Aye carumba!

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