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"Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Sun 1 Jan 17:32:post reply

Happy news years to everyone! Welcome to the wacky world of the January crazyness and feel free to use this thread to post up your best and worst of the year 2016 and resolutions for 2017!

Guess I'll start off.

Resolutions for the year 2017
With 2017 being the 20th anniversary of MMCafe, I've got some projects planned, although nothing too big I think... hopefully it'll be interesting. Will post details in another thread later on.

Best Anime of 2016
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Pt.4

As a youth that loved Jojo pt.3 and was ready for more drama after Dio's defeat, I wasn't that much of a a PT.4 fan back in my those days since it lacked in adventure-- after all, how can you beat the greatness that was Pt.3? It was certainly a standard that Araki built for himself which he struggled to overcome when drawing Pt.4, and back then when you were reading the weeklys, you could sort of feel how he was trying to find an answer that could match up with Pt.3's popularity, but in a different way.

Looking back at Pt.4 now, the chapter seems so perfect at this day in age. It's certainly one of those things which I've come to appreciate after I got older, and forgetting like half the storyline during the decades helped a lot in enjoying the anime iteration. I didn't realize that Kira's awakening to his 3rd power was caused by the arrow a-la ch.5!

In the anime visual department, I'd give my thumbs up to Kimi No Na Wa (Your name). Seeing the familiar scenes of Tokyo being drawn in anime was just so awesome.

I'd also like to give an extra thumbs up to Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Hai to Gensou no Grimgar) as I happened to stumble across the main visual artist's booth while checking out Comitia for the first time in my life. Comitia is like a smaller-scale Comiket that's focused on original artworks/doujins only and I think Nobi would've been highly interested if he had the chance to check the place out.

Best Game of 2016
This is a tough one since I didn't play that many games this year. I feel almost obligated to say KOFXIV, but the game has some serious flaws. So perhaps I'll just leave it as Wild Guns Reloaded. It feels so honest to the original SFC version, and it does so without making itself feel like it's running in a PS4 shell. To put it another way, it practically feels like a Wild Guns 1.5 running on the original SFC hardware. This is retro game remake done so straightforward, so right. And only 1800 yen.

Worst Game of 2016
Shinjuku Dungeon.

I'm a bit late to the party in playing this but holy cripes the game makes Shinjuku feel more of a dungeon than it actually is. I know the Shinjuku undergrounds like the back of my head but trying to figure out its geography in this game is so hard and painful. Worse, some parts of the map are incomplete. It's worth the download as a novelty app, but DO NOT use this game as a guide for figuring out the real Shinjuku undergrounds, you'll seriously get lost!

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"Re(1):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Sun 1 Jan 18:48post reply

Hmn, my country doesn't have the habit of making new years resolutions since basically January 1st is a national knock out day.... so telling me to do a resolution when I was just basically celebrating that I can push all of my problems for February like 90 mins ago feels wrong somehow.

I agree that anime wise Jojo, Grimgal and Re:zero hit quite the right spots; though as usual with anime there is these complains where things could have just gone better with more allocated time & budget here and there, but oh well it's 2016 so complaining about that is like feeling insulted that politicians make a steal by sitting in meetings. BTW, there is a konosuba x re:zero side story volume that was released a few days ago, those two authors get along and are quite crazy but in different ways (harmless comedy is the challenge vs splatter murders for boss fight), so I'm kinda excited of seeing how they mesh up together; apparently the authors have been juggling on ideas for this for long.

About games, I don't really feel like I have the right to speak about anything since the only 2016 things that I played were Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, Odin Sphere and KoF XIV; Valkyria made me interested in the saga as a whole (interest which was easily killed by the cheap eroge ambiance of the following 2 games), but I guess I'll try the upcoming ps4 game since it's coming to overseas for some reason; apparently tries to redeem the visuals but the danger is that early trailers show some absolutely cringe worthy generic animu clichés that I don't know if I will be able to stand without some sort of ubber strong counter medicine; what a stark contrast from the first game which more or less tried to be inbetween a serious book and an multilayered anime narration wise.
Odin Sphere Lesinpronunciables made me interested in the original game, which at some point I'll give a spin since it's there in HD waiting for me in all it's glory and time delayed mechanics.
About Wild Guns, let's speak about it once it gets to my local shops, but I plan to play it as I played games in that era (basically, obssessively training at it until I can do about everything of everything with everyone), it should be a challenge since I never owned a SNES and I never touched that game outside a couple of short tries out which basically saw me murdered quickly.

...... BTW, do you rabidly insane gentlemen have any special new year rituals that you can't possibly miss and have been performing so far almost religiously during this night for almost all of your life? Well, -Naturally- I do; and it consist on renting and plugging in a Megaman game and see through it till the end in and bask in that that 'near future' settei while realizing that a brighter tomorrow with new technology will never come and while trying to somewhat digest all the drinking I did before making it home (and sometimes, I did the playing before getting home, in the company of the usual suspects)...... I can honestly say that I have been somewhat slacking about it in the past few years and simply skipped it, but I decided that this year it simply had to return. Additionally, this ritual has always been performed on the classic games up until now....

------ I'm merely starting right now, and I can say that capcom translation quality at the time can basically be described as "it's more of a fan fiction than a transcription".

Update 24 as of 03/04/12. // 104 personajes traducidos

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"Re(1):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Sun 1 Jan 22:58:post reply

2016 marked a deeper abyss in my personal negative cycle started in 2011. Things look even darker for me right now, but I hope to God it's just a very, very, very wrong impression on my part.

Why am I babbling about personal issues? Because they hinder my nerd/digital life as well. Besides binge reading Jojo -which now is one of my favorite works of fiction ever- from the first chapter of Phantom Blood, having a complete playthrough of Hikari Shinwa before KOF14 came out and putting a good amount of hours in SFV, GGXrd -this one limited to single player modes- and KOF14, I didn't manage to enjoy such forms of entertainment much. Needless to say SNK's "operation new beginning", which includes the launch of KOF14 -but I find their rebranding way more important- put a huge smile on my face and almost had me tear up.

About a month ago, my almost 3 year long KPop hiatus ended thanks to Red Velvet. These girls occasionally dabble into concepts that are slightly more mature compared to most KPop idols, so it was a refreshing experience.

My most immediate resolution for 2017 is to start running again and recover my 10km/h running skill as soon as possible. It's not a matter of physical appearance, it's that I really feel unhealthy right now. Once I feel healthier, I should be able to naturally move towards further achievements.

Please let me give a thought to kofoguz, I'm afraid he's heartbroken because of the slaughter in Istanbul...

EDIT: I don't have rituals for the night between one year and another, but I got 2 for the very first days of the year: first, having a walk along the seaside walk in the late morning or early afternoon as soon as a sunny day comes -which is quite common here, thank God-, getting heartstruck by the allure of the seaside landscape in my city; second, having a small ice cream cup -with or without whipped cream on top depending on my mood at the moment- in a nice little ice cream shop near home, because I like ice cream enough to have some even when winter is in full swing. Sadly, last Sunday the weather got so freaking cold I wouldn't be able to enjoy either of the two. Too bad because yesterday was so wonderfully sunny I would have done both, had I found the temperature tolerable.

EDIT 2: I also have a silly, nerdy resolution: gather the money needed to build a decent gaming PC. An early 2011, 13" MacBook Pro is the death of any gamer with a taste similar to mine.

Ore no...kachi da!!

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"Re(2):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Sun 1 Jan 23:18post reply

Happy New Year indeed!
I didn't decide on any motto this year after how miserable the last two years have been. Instead, I'm going to steal Chuck Tingle's new year resolution suggestion:

suggestion for news year resolution is NEVER DO ANYTHING MEAN AGAIN it might sound difficult but when you think about it its pretty easy

news year idea of "NEVER DO ANYTHING MEAN AGAIN" HOT TIP #1: if you feel like doing something mean, do not do it.

I'm eagerly waiting for the hot tip #2.

The GOTY 2016 is obviously Scarlet Grace, even though I still don't have a Vita because reasons.
Baring that, it's been a great year for indies again, between Sunless Sea's expansion, Owl Boy, Maldita Castilla EX, Mini Metro, Inside, Thumper, The Witness, Plague Inc, Stardew Valley... Probably dozens more I'm forgetting.

As an old grumpy fart, I especially liked that Steam is gradually turning into a great library of games from the past. And contrary to the Wii or the PS3, these games will likely still be playable 10 or more years for now, which appeases me greatly because the future is a dark, frightening place. Having the definitive edition of most current gen blockbusters, more indies that one can possibly play, the vast majority of Capcom's last gen output (except portable) and oddities like GG2 Overture is making me feel oddly at peace. In 2017, I hope SQEX and Capcom will continue their support and put old games as well as new ones there, and that Sega (along with Atlus) will resume porting as well.
Also, the fact that small or indy games from Japan are more and more released on Steam warms my heart. Downwell, Pharaoh Rebirth +.... Even Little King's Story!
I also hope the Switch will be a big success, because the last few years have been rough for Nintendo and they need it. Plus, I can't play Bayonetta on PC yet, so they'd better upgrade the WiiU versions.

The two anime things I'm looking forward to in 2017 are the 2nd season of 有頂天家族, because this tanuki family was gloriously endearing and it was full of good personal memories of Kyoto (probably better than the actual experience), and 夜は短し歩けよ乙女 for reasons that do not need to be explained.

Please be safe everyone.

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"Re(3):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Mon 2 Jan 06:24post reply

My resolutions are too many this year so I have to encompass them into some gaudy umbrella resolution like "DO MY BEST." Yes. I do my best.

Like Professor my GotY is Wild Guns Reloaded. A lot of high-profile games came out this year, some of which had incredibly long buildup, some of which were ruined right down to their design by the state of the current market. In a limping, struggling mess of games this year WGR was one that just strode right through and delivered everything it said it would. The new characters are so different that playing them makes it into a different game. The new stages are imaginative and cool. The upgraded effects, animation, sound effects, everything makes it a better experience than the original. I wish there had been online multiplayer but apparently you can use the PS4 share play feature as a kind of faux-online.

Literally the only problem with it is the price outside of Japan, which for some reason is $30USD. I can only presume that somebody thought that it was "less" compared to the collector price for the original 16-bit cartridge. However this doesn't have to ruin the game since this is easily solved by getting a JP PSN card, making a JP account, and buying it that way for literally half that price. Even if you don't understand Japanese, there's minimal text in the game to understand.

Bonus GotY award goes to KoFXIV. Not so much for the game itself (which is good, don't get me wrong) but for resurrecting the true SNK. Not the undernourished SNKP that made KoFXIII and had to supplement with the pachinko market in order to convince their bosses to okay actual games, but the one that actually wants to make games. And not only is it the old SNK but it's a forward-thinking SNK as well that (finally) listens to fans all over the world and earnestly works to improve KoFXIV every day. Welcome back.

Worst game of the year? I'll have to think about that. I was able to get a lot of enjoyment out of games that people will probably call the worst like SFV or FE Conquest, but I think my personal disappointment was One Piece Burning Blood. It's just... so... ugh. Not great controls, not very balanced, and there's stuff in the game that completely fails to explain itself even once you completed the main story. I'd only put about 10 hours into it before I just didn't want to bother with it any more, and I'm a huge One Piece fan. It's a shame because there are fun little interactions and details for the fans but they just can't save how awkwardly it plays.

So that's that. I (and probably most others) don't have high expectations for Nissen Juunana other than "don't be terrible." We'll see if she can handle it.

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"Re(4):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Mon 2 Jan 08:28post reply

Gaming in 2016: Waiting for an opportunity to play Tekken 7.

Gaming in 2017: Waiting for an opportunity to play Tekken 7.

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"Re(4):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Mon 2 Jan 11:54post reply

My game of the year is a certain game which could be abbreviated as S+G, because it was the last game which the studio worked on shipped and I worked a lot on it. I think pretty much every year that a game I worked a lot on is released, it cannot help but be my game of the year because no other game have I spent so much time or emotion in.

The Last Guardian and FFXV are both visual marvels, and it disappoints me that there is so little on the PC that rivals them. We have some games with incredible lighting/rendering/performance technology, but the games themselves are kinda eh (see: Battlefield 1). I really like the character models in Titanfall 2, and it gives you a lot of ways to move that weren't historically common in FPS games, but I wish it wasn't an FPS game.

Inside had the most marvelous real time character I had seen in a very long time, and certainly the context in which it is used will make it memorable for me.

Wild Guns Reloaded is going to go down as one of the first times my sense of value in video games was seriously challenged in a way that made me really think about myself! At $39.99, it's not cheap at all, but I liked Wild Guns, and I'm a sucker for really well made pixel art and really well made games, but it gave me pause. I did not hesitate to throw $40 at EDF 4.1 twice, but I have completely hesitated with Wild Guns Reloaded. It feels so weird!

Best Game I haven't finished in 2016:
Last Window

Game I was super hyped for that I have barely even played in 2016:
The Silver Case

Best thing to happen in 2016:
2016 ending, goddamn finally

Thing to consider game development wise in 2017:
Should I just start making VR porn applications and get an early foothold in the market?

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"Re(5):Happy New Years roosters" , posted Mon 2 Jan 16:13post reply

Happy Year of the Cock Rooster!

New Year's Gaming Resolution:

1. This time I will really beat Last Window.
2. Play a new (old) RPG I regretted skipping in the 90s. Maybe I'll make a new thread and take a poll.

Professor of the Year: Professor
Here's to 20 years of the Cafe! Thanks as always for giving us such a great place to congregate and such great/hilarious friends to meet up with in-game and in real life.

Best Game of the Year: Street Fighter V (June)
Kobayashi Keiki composing for a Street Fighter game, AND it's more fun than IV or III, AND the character animations are full of personality? I don't even care about the aesthetic crimes of Ken's hair now.

Worst Game of the Year: Street Fighter V (February)
At least I got two free costumes out of it.

Best Dracula of the My Year: Rusty (PC-98)
One day you will all thank me for overpowering the undead thread with the true Dracula successor you've been waiting for, not from Igarashi's weird kickstarter thing but from 1993. And because we live in a cruel world where no PC-98 game will ever, ever be re-released, you will praise Toxico and these guys for bringing you to the light.

Best MAME of the Year: Fightcade
It is pretty neat to finally be able to play SF Zero 3 without figuring out where I left my PS2! Rugal will kill me, but I think it'd be fun to play with the Cafe!

Worst MAME of the year: MAME
I have never seen an application whose purported use (technical preservation of everything ever) was so obviously mismatched with the desires of 99.99999% of users (ability to play a few things with minimal fuss).


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"Re(1):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Tue 3 Jan 10:48:post reply

2016 sure was eventful in good and bad ways - might was well focus on some positives, since they don't come up that often:

Madman's Cafe posting news again
The BBS has been great over the years for interesting discussions and findings, but it's nice to be able to link to link to a nice article in English that clarifies stuff that not that long would require running an article through Google Translate, or loading a whole BBS thread - particularly handy for stuff like the (increasingly frequent?) collaborations involving SNK characters in Japan-only games only glimpsed through Twitter in these shores... which leads me to the next point:

SNK phoenixing it up like a champ
There may be rough edges to their recent output, be it XIV's looks or still working with Dotemu, but the activity they're shown over this year in social media, going beyond recycling sprites in the MS mobile game by creating and animating whole new characters, in updating KoF not only from the discouraging form it was initially glimpsed as, but also after release, not to mention stuff like the Geese/Ryo teaser trailer and everything it cheerfully referenced... it's been quite a ride, and I hope that not only do they keep it up, but also that a wider audience pays attention and rewards them financially in ways that'll enable them to take interesting risks in the future - the people there give off the impression of being really driven, and at this point deserve to get some pet projects out in the world.

Console release of a Super Robot Wars game in English through regional loophole
It's for non-Japan Asia and the translation is rough at times, but holy shit they bothered to translate one of these (not a small feat considering the battle dialog variations for pilot/mech/opponent combinations), even if it's an OG game free from licensing issues, and there's SRW V on the way with licensed shows also in English. I hope this works how well for Bamco and maybe helps open further options in the future. speaking of stuff that ties into the all-consuming continuity black hole that is SRW lore:

Project X Zone 2
It released in Europe in February, so for me it counts. The scope of PXZ1 was promising, but lacks the charm of the way Namco X Capcom had its many series interact, but PXZ2 more than made up for it while also further envolving the gameplay, which needs to try and do justice to multiple characters from completely different game genres. Positioning matters more in the tactical map, while variety is encouraged in the juggling-based combat, and still manages to reference not only the source games, but also absent games indirectly connected to them (Hotsuma from the new Shinobi calling the dog from Shadow Dancer <3 ), not to mention Xiaomu's dialog alone, which at least in the English version is clearly the work of people who know and love their games and many an obscure related reference that most would miss. And frickin' Segata Sanshiro is pretty much elevated to Sega Jesus or something akin to a multiversal constant. There's love put into this thing, and I hope they get to make more - hopefully not only bringing favorites like Segata back, but also enabling solo characters to fight by themselves, since mechanically there's not reason for them not to (it's annoying when CPU Segata can fight solo, but for players he can only assist, for example - could make for some interesting self-imposed challenges).

There's a Deadpool movie and it works
Seriously, that opening scene alone and its choice of music were practically worth the price of admission on their own, but the rest of the movie keeps delivering with the same amazing tone and nods to the comics (including paying a considerable price to simply have him wear a Bea Arthur t-shirt), and even the promotional efforts pulled it off consistently as if they were part of the experience, like how the movie's official Twitter account was only following the official Hello Kitty account, or the DVD ads were modeled after Viagra ads.

As for resolutions, I keep entertaining the idea of doing something to cover Final Fantasy XI, since there's so much about that game I never see mentioned anywhere - ideally something like the articles on Art Eater or the Sakura Taisen documentary, although I doubt I have the experience to do the game justice in such formats... but if nobody else does, something rough is better than nothing, I guess?...
I have no idea if anyone would actually be interested, or what aspects to focus on first since there's so much ground to cover (pervasive systems and how they enable intricacies like those of the game's take on blue mage, story and gameplay developments as they relate to release history, XI and world first and game second, etc...), but at the same time I feel it should be done, although it's pretty tempting to just play the game instead with what little spare time I do have.
I worry about SE leaving it to die, at best aiming only to current and returning players with no intent to get new ones interested, and what it means for the future of games in general than a numbered entry in a major series by a big game company has no apparent preservation plans for the future due to being online, other than mobile adaptations that can't expect to do justice to the intricacies of the original.
Now that SNK seems to be on a healthier course, I just get the impression needs more help and I wonder what I can do about it that might matter...


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"Re(2):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Tue 3 Jan 15:26post reply


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Obviously I'm gonna love this game. They could have just ported it w/HD graphics and I would have been happy. Instead they totally revamped it to have the absolute best gameplay any Vanillaware title has ever had. And I dare say one of the most enjoyable combat systems in general! It felt very much like they were applying all the learnings from the best 3d action titles (Devil May Cry, God Hand) back into the 2d format. The controls were super tight, unlocking new moves was fun, being able to assign fighting game inputs to those moves was SUPER FUN, and every character felt different enough (and more importantly FUN enough) that repeating familiar stages and bosses still felt good.

Final Fantasy XV
Really dig the world design and overall art direction. Loved the road trip aspect of it. The story has been a bit of a let down so far, but the characters are likeable and the side quests are fun. Also the game is 5x more fun if you switch to the turn based mode.

Last Guardian
Maybe my favourite game of the year. Trico is a goddamn marvel of art and engineering. It truly feels alive. As an animator and game developer I'm biased, but I can totally see why this game actually took nearly a decade to figure out. The animations in it are light years ahead of anything else in 3d. It could not have been done on a last gen system. It's not just the tech though, it's just how the game comes together as a euphoric aesthetic experience.

Dragon Quest Builders
I never got into Minecraft. The workmanlike aesthetics and first person view were off putting to me. I always admired it for its technical brilliance though.

Dragon Quest Builders takes the brilliant mechanics of Minecraft and puts it into a setting I actually care about, with a third person view that's much more fun to play through. I don't know Minecraft well enough to really have any real insights into what DQBuilders is doing better or worse, all I know is that it's a really fun game.

Clash Royale
It's not my favourite game ever, but it's a genuinely solid, skill based game. I'm glad it's one of the top performing games in the world. Supercell deserves all their success. No other mobile developer is so consistent in their ability to correctly reand and lead the market.

Let It Die
Most action game mechanics at their core are pretty insane. This game ties it all into a setting where running around as a murderous hobo actually makes sense. Gameplay wise its like a more forgiving Dark Souls. Oh and its FREE. And it actually uses freemium mechanics in an unobtrusive way. So glad this game was made. I respect Gung-Ho for setting aside a bit of their mountains of cash to fund such a weird game that will never be a mainstream hit, but the gaming world is a better place for its existence.

Magic The Gathering
Got back into playing the card game this year. It is without a doubt one of the greatest games of all time. No joke. The way they keep updating the game year after year while maintaining the same basic mechanics ... there's nothing else quite like it. I hadn't played in almost 20 years, and I found myself having even more fun now than I did when i was in middle school.


Shin Godzilla
My favourite movie of the year. I had really high hopes and this exceeded them all. I loved how structurally WEIRD it was. It should not have worked. The movie was mostly talking heads. Hundreds of them. And yet it was utterly enthralling. I loved how it had the effect of being about the entire country of Japan vs Godzilla. The execution and the message it was delivering really hit home for me.

Your Name
Really beautiful movie. Shinkai can be hit or miss. This is one of his big hits. Of course it is achingly beautiful. And of course it's sappy and heartbreaking. But it also has his most likeable cast of characters to date, and its full of humour and warmth that actually works. While I can't totally get behind Shinkai's usual message of how romantic love is the most important thing in the universe (i mean my heart feels it, but my brain resists this message), I still really really enjoyed this film. Oh also, i'm so glad it did so well in China. I hope China becomes a more viable market for anime and that eventually some of that money trickles down into higher wages for the starving animators in Japan and Korea (pipe dream, but a good one!)

Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping
This is a really stupid and funny comedy that's very on point if you care at all about celebrity culture in the social media age. I am also partial to the Lonely Island crew as they were the first internet-born comedy troupe I really got into.

Gundam: Thunderbolt
My other favourite movie of the year. This is a perfect, downbeat, gritty, grimy, depressing-yet-with-fleeting-moments-of-hope-and-beauty war movie. The animation and direction were ON POINT. The world feels "lived-in" like the best sci-fi. In terms of tone, I'd describe it as "what Roy Batty was doing in space before Blade Runner." The OST was also amazing, alternating between experimental jazz and really warm mo-town. Recommended for Gundam fans and non fans alike.

Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans
Did I mention that 2016 was the year I finally really got into Gundam? This show was a nice surprise. I did not care for the character designs or the initial Gundam designs, but the story hooked me. The characters are very well written and full of surprises. Their commitment to their cause feels genuine. It's like the golden years of Berserk in space, watching the meteoric rise of the Band of the Hawk, except with a lot less rape/heartbreak. Also the Ippei Gyubo mecha that appear as the series progresses are some of my favourite recent mecha.

Mob Pyscho 100
What can I say? It's funny and really well animated. Everyone should watch it.

Its Always Sunny
I love this show and I'm glad it continues to carry its insane momentum season to season. My brother Andy pointed out that the characters on this show basically go through "real life" like how people play Dungeon's and Dragons: as selfish, scheming psychopaths.

Much like Master of None in 2015, Atlanta was a fresh new take on contemporary life in America that felt unusually real to me. This is the whole point of more diversity in media. Not to make back patting gesticulations that virtue signal how open minded you are. But to pave the way for new voices that actually have interesting new perspectives to share. Ones that are frequently pretty universal at their core. This show made me miss the US and the many friends I've left behind there. It helps that I lived in Georgia for a while too I guess haha.

Oh man this post is going on too long. I'd love to go into my favourite comics and albums of the year but I forget which ones even actually came out this year.

Anyway, 2016 was terrible for many reasons. But I hope you all had personal triumphs in there as well. I'm real glad the Cafe continues to flourish and provide respite from the insanities of the world. Here's to another great year!

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"Re(3):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Wed 4 Jan 23:16:post reply

Well you all know me as I am still playing catch up post 2012 probably. So I might bring up old items that I recommend in case you may have missed it.

Video Games:
2016 GOTY: A tie between KOF XIV and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. I got to play KOF XIV a little and was happy to see how it turned out. ASG2 was great for me since I love Rockman and this is the last thing I will ever get from Rockman.

I did get to play Mighty No.9, Splatoon, and Lumines P&M this year and they are pretty decent games.

Well, try to catch up and finally play SRW OG and the new SRW V coming out soon. Play Berserk Musou, Shenmue 3, RE7, DariusBurst CS, and some of those shoot em ups I mentioned at another thread. I would love to get my hands on a Wangan Midnight game. I miss good racing games.

I did not watch anything new this year but I was able to watch the following and highly recommend it:
The Eccentric Family
Space Dandy
Knights of Sidonia
Kimigure Orange Road
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Fate Stay Night
Hamatora the Animation
Ping Pong the animation

I know most of you and other friends recommended the following anime and movies for 2016 and coming in 2017:
JoJo Bizarre Adventure
My hero Academia
Dragon Ball Super
Attack on Titan season 2
The Eccentric Family part 2
One Punch Man
Your Name
Shin Godzilla
The new live actions movies of Tokyo Ghoul and Death Note.

Long Live I AM!

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"Re(2):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Thu 5 Jan 13:19post reply

As for resolutions, I keep entertaining the idea of doing something to cover Final Fantasy XI, since there's so much about that game I never see mentioned anywhere - ideally something like the articles on Art Eater or the Sakura Taisen documentary, although I doubt I have the experience to do the game justice in such formats... but if nobody else does, something rough is better than nothing, I guess?...

That sounds great! If you're interested, I'd be real happy to host that for you (as soon as I get my website back up!)


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"Re(3):Happy New Years resolution 2017!" , posted Fri 6 Jan 01:07post reply

That sounds great! If you're interested, I'd be real happy to host that for you (as soon as I get my website back up!)

This would be great, mostly because your input and Andy's on something like this is something I'd really value both in reviewing what would go into it (between it being your site, experience in writing such articles and knowledge of the game), but also in maybe helping to narrow down what the focus of an article could be - learning about the game can be like trying to drink from a firehose, so filtering what's actually said about it to maximize reader interest, conveyed information and interesting insights seems tricky when the topic's so damn huge. Perhaps something like this is best discussed in another place like Twitter or email. Still, over the years I wrote some spread out rough content as replies in many a discussion that might serve as a base or inspiration for something standalone, like this bit on the music of the starting areas (this interview has some nice insights on the composing process), this collection of links illustrating the game world's charm or last year's post which could really use some editing, but then the spoiler section disappears if I try. And looking up links like this I remember stuff like these interviews that reveal that the game was originally meant to last 5 years (which to me emphasizes how much the expansion after that, Treasures of Aht Urghan, felt like a real sequel to the whole game that preceded it, which feels like a single unit despite involving 2 expansion until then), these grown-ass men talking about the game like a couple of old friends that used to play it although one is its director and the other's a journalist, or thinking about stuff like the Konschtat Highlands area and its backstory of war and reconciliation reflected in its landscape, since the invading (and losing) force literally had to fight an uphill battle leading up to easily-defendable rock formations, and now there are windmills along those path representing their economic cooperation... good grief there's so much to say I'm really going to need a hand filtering and selecting stuff to say...
Perhaps it's best to continue this on Twitter or through other means...