Additional details on DC's Marvel vs Capcom 2 (2/25/00)

Picture is KOF '99-Evolution, with KOF2000's Vanessa

Some Details regarding the Dreamcast version of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 have been released, together with additional details and images.

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Images of KOF99 Evolution Strikers (2/25/00)

The following are quick images of the new additional strikers in KOF99-Evolution, for the DreamCast.

New Kyo | Chizuru | Highschool Athena | Goro | Billy | Yamazaki

KOF 99 Evolution is scheduled for release on the DreamCast on 3/30, priced 5800 Yen. In addition to extra strikers and 3D rendered backgrounds, other specials are scheduled to be in the game

Scans from SoftBank Publishing (DC Magazine).
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Additional details and images on Guilty Gear X (2/18/00)

Sol's new Instant Kill move.

The preliminary moves list for Guilty Gear X has been released, together with additional details and images.

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Vice President Sakaguchi Interview on Final Fantasy IX- XI (2/18/00)

In an interview from Ascii publishing, Vice President of Square co. and Director of the Final Fantasy series Nobuhiko Sakaguchi, mentioned a few notes on the upcoming three Final Fantasy series.

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Square to work in Collaboration with Disney (2/18/00)

Square has announced their new collaboration project with Disney interactive.

With the use of their programming, 3D designing and marketing power, Square and Disney Interactive plans to release a game for the PlayStation2. The game will be based on Disney characters, being a Full Real-time CG Action Roll Playing Game. The director of the game will be Tetsuya Nomura, known as the character designer for the Final Fantasy and Parasite Eve series.

While a 30 second demonstration of a 3D Goofie was shown during the announcement, an all-star cast is projected towards the game. Original character(s) designed by Tetsuya Nomura are planned to be in the game as well, but no details have been revealed as of yet.

Square and Disney Interactive's game is scheduled for release in late 2001 in Japan, and 2002 in the US.

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PlayStation 2 (impossibly) Reservable by Online (2/18/00)

While getting reservations of PS2 in Japan is currently stressful (ie: some stores have begun campaigns to "Win *a chance* to buy a PlayStation2"), PlayStation.Dot Com of Japan has boldy opened an online reservation form on their site. However, Sony's server cannot handle the requests (500,000 hits at its peek had even crashed the server once) and even reaching the form itself is a difficult task as of the current moment.

Sony assures that additional servers will be set in the near future.
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Thorough article on SNK of America (2/13/00)
Matt Leone and Event Gaming has written a thorough report on SNK USA', past to present.

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Detailed collaboration on M vs C 2 (2/13/00)
"Chocobo" has written a detailed collaboration of Marvel vs Capcom 2.

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Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) has launched their anticipated site,

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Sony Claims problems in PS2 Backwards Compatibility (2/09/00)

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) has announced today of incompatiblility problems regarding their upcoming game system, PlayStation 2.

While the PlayStation 2 was announced to be backwards compatible to the original Playstation, it is now known that a number of games causes errors when run, such as screen glitches.

SCEI plans to announce the incompatible PS1 software titles after contacting with software developers upon this matter. SCEI makes no plans to delay the release date as of this matter.

Source: The Mainichi NewsPaper

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Konami announces Drum Mania for the PS2 (2/09/00)

Konami has announced their arcade hit "DrumMania" to be their first release title for the PlayStation2.

The playstation version of DrumMania comes packed with the drum controllers nessesary to enjoy the game. In addition, by using the multi-tap, players can hook up to an additional 2 Guitar Freaks controller (from the PS1 release) and enjoy a multi-part music play.

Drum Mania is scheduled for release on 3/4, simultaneously with the PS2 hardware- open priced.
Konami plans to release an esitmate of 4 more titles from spring to summer, starting with Guitar Freaks.

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Dead Or Alive 2 Annoucned for PS2 (2/09/00)

Tecmo has announced Dead Or Alive 2 to be released on the PlayStation2.

While no official detials have been released as of yet, the PS2 version of DOA2 will premire at the upcoming PlayStation Festival on 2/18.

Dead or Alive 2 for the PS2 is schedueld for release on 3/30.

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Vagrant Story to have opened site (2/09/00)

While not the latest news, Square has opened a site didicated to Vagrant Story.
The game system details, MP3s of soundtracks, and a virtual battle demo is available as of the current.

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More Additional details and images on Marvel vs Capcom 2 (2/4/00)

For the first time, they're useful.

More Additional details on Capcom's upcoming sequel, Marvel vs Capcom 2 -has been revealed.

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Additional Details and Images on Guilty Gear X(2/2/00)

Jil runs into a new adventure.

Additional details on Arc System Work's upcoming sequel, Guilty Gear X (renamed from Guilty Gear 2)- has been revealed.

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