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Additional details and images on Guilty Gear X (2/18/00)

Sol's new Instant Kill move.

The preliminary moves list for Guilty Gear X has been released, together with additional details and images.

Sol- BadGuy

While Sol has most of his moves from the prequel, his Gun Flame projectile is now larger but short range. His Volcanic Viper and Bandit Revolver are executable in the air.


Sol has acquired a new move which switches from a slide into a Volcanic Viper, although its command is still unlisted.
Gun Flame + P
Volcanic Viper +S or HS
Bandit Revolver + K
Riot Stomp + K
Tyran Rave
+ HS

Ky Kiske

Ky can execute a Stun edge in the air, only with the S button.


His new move- Crecent Slash, makes Ky leap back on a slash and floats the opponent in the air when hit.
Stun Edge + S or HS
Viper Thrust + S or HS
Stun Dipper + K
Crecent Slash + K
Ride the Lightning
+ HS

Milla Rage


While Milla has most of her old moves such as the Lust Shaker, in addition she has three new moves- Iron Saber, Bad Moon, and Winger.

Iron saber is a long reach lower attack move. Bad Moon is a decending attack from the air.

In her new super "Winger", Milla turns into an angel-like form with her hair, and flys vertically in the air and decends horizontally, keeping an attack detection during the whole motion.
Tandem Top + P
Lust Shaker Rapid S
Bad moon + P in Air
Iron Saber + P
Forward Roll + K
+ HS

Chipp Zanuff


While Chips seems to have all of his old moves from part 1, no new movs have been announced as of yet.
Alpha Blade + P
Beta Blade + S
Sigma Blade + HS
Gen Rou zan + K
Koushiki- meisai + K
Koushiki- Ten-i + any button
Banki- messai
+ K



In Faust's super (the command yet to be released), makes Faust swim fast in the ground and brings out a number of treasure chests when hit. Depending on which chest opens by random, the damage to the opponent changes.

Le Le Le Peirce + K
Object Throw + P
Souten Enshin Ranbu + S
Teleport + P
Going My way Rapid HS from above move



In addition to all of his powerful moves, Potemkin now has a move where he can create a defence wall, which unconditionally dizzys the opponent when hit.
Megafist Forward + P
Megafist Backward + P
Graviton Stomp + S
Hammer Fall + HS
Potemkin Buster + K
Heavenly Potemkin Buster
+ S

Zato- 1


By Creating Eddy- a split of his shadow, Zato can now fight seperately with his shadow. This will allow Zato and his shadow to attack together on one opponent.
Invite Hell + P
Create Eddy + Any Button
HeadButt P while Creating Eddy
Dash Charge K while Creating Eddy
Anti-Air S while Creating Eddy
Return!! HS while Creating Eddy
Monster Guyser
+ HS



May still fights with the use of dolphins. Her Restive Rolling can still be executed in the air 3 times, likewize to the previous in the series.
Horizontal Dolphin Charge + S or HS
Vertical Dolphin Charge + S or HS
Restive Rolling + S
Mr. Dolphin + Any Button
Mr. Yamada the Dolphin
+ S


Baiken has two attacks which do not consume any power meter - Taikuu Fuusha (Anti-air WindMill) and Mawarikomi (Roll-through).

Her Guard dash also allows her to closen up ton the opponent while being in guard detection.

Tatami Gaeshi + K
Taikuu Fuusha +P When Guarding
Mawarikomi + K When Guarding
Guard Dash + K
Yow Zan Sen + S
Tyran Rave
+ S



Johnny's specials -Iai attack, slashes a quick long-range attack into any of the three directions. his super emits a J' slash onto his opponents.
Iai Slash (High) + P (Hold)
Iai Slash (Mid) + K (Hold)
Iai Slash (Low) + S (Hold)
Iai Cancel HS when Holding Iai
The Real Mist Finer + P
+ HS

Cradberry Jam


Cradberry's attacks are martial arts. Her Forward-Charge differs between the S and HS button- with the S, Cradberry charges forward; with the HS button, she rolls and attack the opponent from behind.
Dragon Kick + K
Flame Twist Kick + K
Reverse Twist Kick + K
Charge Forward + S or HS
Parry + S
Energy Explosion
+ HS

Additional characters in the game will be announced later.
Guilty Gear X is scheduled for release in the arcades in May.

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