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Additional details and images on Marvel vs Capcom 2 (2/25/00)

The Tyrant.

Some Details regarding the Dreamcast version of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, have been released.


DC controls
For the DC version, the Y & B buttons are assigned for fierce attack,s X & A buttons for weak attack, and L,R trigger for Partner assistance (by defaults). As noted previously, M vs C 2 does not have a medium attack button- the player must hit the weak button twice and it will come out automatically as a combo after the first weak hit.

Aerials for middle punchers
Characters whose aerial attacks began with a medium punch in the prequel can now begin their aerials from ForwardDown + Fierce attack,
hence no need to start off from a weak attack.

Variable Attack
By using the L or R trigger (2nd or 3rd partner), the player can call out another partner to assist in the battle. As mentioned in a previous article, this variable assist consists of 3 types which the player can select at the beginning of the game. There are no stock limits as to how many times the partner can be summoned- however, the partner cannot be called for a brief while right after their assistance.

Variable Assist
By pressing either both punch or kick buttons (2nd or 3rd partner), the player can exchange the current fighter into another partner.

Advancing Guard
The advancing guard is still present in M Vs C 2, and can be done by pressing both punch buttons simultaneously.

Details on Capcom's Imported Characters

Details on Jill Valentine
In tradition to BioHazard/ResientEvil, Jill's attacks consist of her Beretta, Grenade Launcher, and zombies. Very unique from other characters in the VS' series, a few of Jill's moves goes as follows.

Beretta Throw <image>
A counter attack in which Jill hit the opponent with her Beretta when successful.

Dodge A <image1 | image2 >
Jill realizes of a zombie dog running from behind, and jumps to dodge the dog. The dog misses and attacks the opponent instead.

Close-up attack A+ <image>
Jill Charges into the Opponent.

Code: T-002 <image>
A Tyrant attacks the opponent as Jill dodges on the ground.

A slow but powerful character due to the machine she rides on, Tron(Toron) uses her Kobuns(minions) to defeat opponents. A few of her attacks goes as follows.

Kobun Launcher <image>
Tron shoots out a Kobun, which slowly descends from the sky.

Shiki-dan <image1 | image2>
Tron attacks the opponent with her control gun- if it hits, her Kobuns sticks on to the opponent to stop them from moving.

Lunch Rush <image>
Multiple Kobuns rushes onto the opponent with lunch trays.

King Kobun <image>
A gigantic Kobun hits the opponent with a squealing hammer.

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is scheduled for release on 3/23 both in Arcade and Dreamcast.
The DreamCast version is scheduled for price at 5800 Yen.

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