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Additional Details and Images on Guilty Gear X (2/2/00)

New Character- Cranberry.

Additional details on Arc System Work's upcoming sequel, Guilty Gear X (Renamed from Guilty Gear 2) -has been revealed.

While most characters from Guilty Gear 1 are back in Guilty Gear 2, Kliff and Axl are not announced. In place, two new characters have been announced- Johnny and Cradberry Jam.



Johnny Image
His parents killed when he was 13 years old, Johnny became a good pirate in order to help out others who were like him -orphans. While having a happy-go-lucky personality, his depth of knowledge and intelligence is fairly deep. A master of the sword, Johnny previously appeared in Mays ending at Guilty Gear 1.)

Cradberry Jam
A strong minded self-centered cook, Cradberry mastered the martial arts as the result of trusting noone but herself. In order to leave her name in history, Cradberry practices her arts, day and night.

Rough and tough, while Sol doesn't rarely talks, his attacks leave no chance for enemies to ask questions.
The prototype of all gears.

Ky Kiske
A genious from birth, Ky fights for what he believes in even after the great war- peace and justice.

Zato-1 Image
The head of the Assasins guild, Zato loses his guild due to Milla's plot. In his effort to plot revenge, Zato gets posessed by the shadow which he used as his weapon.

Milla's New move- Winger

Millia Rage Image
Brought up by the Assasins guild, Milla retaliates from killing and ultimately destroys the guild. Millia fights with her hair, as she was tought to killm with it.

Chipp Zanuff
Once a drug addict about to be erased by the mafia, Chipp's Sensei leads him to the correct road and makes him into a ninja. Now, Chipp is out for revenge on those who killed his teacher.

Potemkin Image
One a slave of his own country, Potemkin is now a proud warrior after the success of the Coup d' Etat.

A mischeivous little girl with strength to easily toy around an anchor, May loves Johnny and is willing to give up anything for him.

A mystery man covered with a paper bag. Although it was once rumored that a similar looking doctor of the dark existed, the truth as of this man is unknown.

Losing many things in the war, Baiken decides to overcome her traumas with the urge to kill. Even after the war, her practices have not changed. (Previously a hidden boss in Guilty Gear 1)

Game System Details

Guilty Gear 2 uses 4 buttons- Punch, Kick, Weak Slash and Feirce Slash.Most of the controls from Guilty Gear 1 are still present in Guilty Gear 2 such as the Gateling Combinations (chain combos).

Dash Forward x 2
BackStep Back x 2
High Jump Down, Up
Dust Attack P+K when standing
Foot Sweep P+K when crouching
Ground Recovery Any 2 buttons when down on ground
Faultless Defence Guard + Both Slash Buttons
Dead Angle Attack Forward + any 2 Buttons during guard
One Hit Death (Pre-motion) All Buttons Simultaneously
Taunt Start (forward + Start for Greeting)

The Tention Meter
In place of a POW meter, GG2 uses a meter called "Tention Meter". The tention meter rises when the player takes any offensive actions (ie: dash forward, attack, foot sweep, etc), but decreases if the player takes any passive actions (ie: backdash, back jump). When the Tention meter builds up, the poalyer can execute special attacks such as guard cancels and super attacks.

Faust's Dust Attack

Dust Attack
Launches the opponent into the air for an aireal combination. Unguardable when blocking low.

Dead Angle Attack
Uses some tention meter to execute Guard Cancel attacks.

Faultless Defence

Faultless Defence
Uses some tention meter to create a barrier feild. During the faultless defence, no tick damage from specials will be taken, and a distance can be created from theopponent as well.

May's Super.

Super Attacks
When the tention meter is up to a level, each character can execute supers (rapid combos, power-ups, etc).

One hit Death.

One Hit Death
By pressing all attack buttons at once and then executing a special command depending on the character, players can execute the One hit Death. While the Tention meter bar itself will disappear once the One hit Death is executed(returns in the next round), if the attack hits the opponent will be KO'ed in one hit. Unlike Guilty Gear 1, the One Hit Death only brings in one round and not the whole game.

Not all characters have been revealed yet- more new characters are to be revealed in the near future.
Guilty Gear X is scheduled for Release on Naomi within this year.

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