Additional details and images on Marvel vs Capcom 2 (1/29/00)

Jil runs into a new adventure.

Additional details on Capcom's upcoming sequel, Marvel vs Capcom 2 -has been revealed.

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Square reveals their next steps at Square Millenium (1/29/00)

Square Co. announced their next projects of this millenium at their long awaited event -Square millenium.

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Upcoming NeoGeo Pocket Color Games (1/29/00)
SNK has released extra images of their upcoming games for the NeoGeo Pocket Color.

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KDD Announces New NetWork service -Tie up with Capcom Co. (1/25/00)

Major communication company in Japan KDD, announced their new communication service named "Matching service". The service will allow Capcom games to be played over though internet lines.

Planned games for the dreamCast include: Marvel Vs Capcom 2, PowerStone 2, Justice Academy 2, Street Fighter 3rd Stirke.

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SNK acquired by Aruze Co. (1/19/00)

Major Pachinko manufacturer & distributor Aruze Co., has announced to invest 5000,000,000 Yen to SNK Co. In place, SNK will now become a specialized subsidiary of Aruze Co.

Alreeady a major force in the Pachinko & Pachinko Slot industry, Aruze aims to become a dominant force in the entertainment market by spreading their field into the Video Games & Amusement Park industry with the use of their new daughter company, SNK.

Aruze Co. has a record of previously acquiring Seta Co., in January of 1999.
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(Pachinko- An Automated Pinball machine, used for leagalized gambling in Japan.)

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Quick Details and images of BioHazard Veronica (1/17/00)

The Followinf are quick Details and images of BioHazard: Veronica.

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Capcom announces BioHazard 0 (Zero) (1/15/00)

Capcom has announced an another addition to their BioHazard series- BioHazard 0, Staring Rebecca of the Bravo team..

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SNK releases details on KOF99 for DreamCast (1/15/00)

SNK has released details on their upcoming DreamCast game, The King Of Fighters 99 -Evolution-.

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BioHazard 4 announced in Development (1/15/00)

In an interview to Capcom's Yoshiki Okamoto conducted by ASCII publishing Co., Okamoto has revealed that BioHazard 4 is currently in progress of development. No details or date of release has been mentioned as of yet.


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Square announces first Game release for PlayStation 2 (1/15/00)

Square has announced their first title release for the PlayStation 2 to be not "The Bouncer" but Driving Emotion Type-S, a real-life sports car racing game which uses the potentials of the PS2 in essence. All the cars used in the game are actual, and some of the courses as well.

Driving Emotion Type-S is produced by Escape, distributed by Square.

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Nintendo releases Super Mario RPG2 Info & Images (1/15/00)

Nintendo has released information and images of their Super Mario RPG2.

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Thanks for the 2 and 1/2 years on the Web! (12/25/99)

Thanks to viewers like youself, the Madman's Cafe has finally reached 1 Million hits!

Originally, a big surprize was being planned for this 1 millionth occasion- the farewell of the Madman's Cafe.

However, due to the voice and support of friends and viewers, the Madman's Cafe will continue, and bring news and other interests as usual. And hopefully better paced updates. Perhaps, a more pleasent surprise will come in way during the Year 2000.

For now, look forward to the upcoming SpamArt site, and check out the 1 millionth Hit gift from the Cafe's Neighbors!

Til later-
Henry Adams Moriarty (Madman)

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Capcom Reveals Marvel vs Capcom 2 (12/25/99)

Capcom reveals details and images on their next Versus series sequel, Marvel vs Capcom 2.

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SNK releases info on SNK Gals Fighters (12/25/99)
  Images taken from the SNK homepage---

SNK has released details on their upcoming NeoGeoPocket game, SNK Gals Fighters.

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Personal Note: Final Fantasy VIII amature Voice Drama (12/25/99)

The Madman is participating as "Cid Kramer" of Final Fantasy VIII for an online amature voice drama, hosted by Wing Heart Productions.

As posiitons are still opened, those who are interested in a roll can check-


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First Details on Guilty Gear 2 released (12/07/99)

Arc System Works has released the first details on their upcoming sequel to the Guilty Gear series, Guilty Gear 2.

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Garou -Mark of the Wolves Boss Codes (12/07/99)

The following are codes for using the middle and last bosses of Garou -Mark of the Wolves-.

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