April, 2001

The Madman's Cafe, Back and Renewed !!
Capcom comments on Future Market Strategies, Simultaneous Multi-platform Release
The Challenger: Psikyo announces "Gunbarich" and "Hot Gimmick Integral"
"The Queen of Heart 2001 -Party's Breaker", announced by Watanabe Seisakujo
Short Comment: KOF2000, Lin Unguardable Bug for all normal moves

Short Comment: COKE! COKE! COKE! FF10! FF10! FF10! Figures!!!

Square to release Final Fantasy X on 7/19, 8800 Yen
Final Fantasy X delay explained, FFXI to be playable only on PVN
Final Fantasy X Single CD Details, Third coupled song "Utikisama" announced
Short Comment: "Eternal Fighter Zero", released by Twilight Frontier

Tecmo to depend on Xbox and Pachinko for current fiscal - DOA3 to be relased simultaneously in Japan and USA
Bill Gates Interviewed on XBox and other Issues
Planet Publishing to release "SNK CHARACTERS 2 -All About Illustrations"
Short Comment: Final Fight One Cover art, must've been drawn by former SNK Artist...

Sony to Release New Playstation 2 model- Open Priced
Namco announces Zenosaga- to be made by former Square Zenogears staffs
MMCafe Random Snapshot Series: #2- Japanglish
MSNBC reports on Japanese Developer's views on the XBox

Eolith: Additional details in production of KOF2001
Short Comment: MMCafe to cut back on resources, may need assistance.

Short Comment: Correction on Previous Comment- SNK's "Rehabilitation Bankruptsy", is a form of Bankruptcy.
SNK Files for Rehabilitation Bankruptcy to Court
The Challenger: Capcom vs SNK 2, Heavy Metal, and DOA 3 movie clips
Short Comment: Congrats to the Dessert Section! First 1000 Downloaded file was...
Short Comment: Happy April Fools! Both News From Yesterday were Tricks.

April Fools: Capcom announces "Street Fighter III -Strike Collections for Matching Service" -"Capcom vs SNK 2" Demo to be included
April Fools: Okay, so maybe the game has more than just Joe & Dan...