News From 04/04/01

Eolith: Additional details in production of KOF2001
Special thanks to "Choiboy" John Choi for support on this article.
KOF2001 maker Eolith, has released additional details on its status of making KOF2001. The following is a translation of what has been presented in their site.

1- Eolith contracted the license for the production and sales of KOF2001 with SNK, in 10/11/2000.

2- Production began in December 2000, with Eolith staffs moving to Japan to work together with previous staffs of the KOF series.

3- Currently, research for plannings, scenario, and details on new characters are underway. The game is forecasted for completion around October-November of 2001.
[ Link: Eolith - KOF2001 ]

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