News From 04/16/01

Square to release Final Fantasy X on 7/19, 8800 Yen
(Jiji Communications, Reuters Japan)
(Jiji Communications, Reuters Japan) Tokyo, Japan- Square has announced to release their hit sequel, "Final Fantasy X" on July 19th. Retail price is set at 8800 Yen. The High Quality version (Limited edition, 2 DVD disks) of Final Fantasy X will be released simultaneously, priced 2000 yen higher at 10,800 Yen

Final Fantasy X was originally scheduled for release on March, with an aim of 2.5 million copies to be sold. Square's IR department declines to comment on their new aim on sales.

Final Fantasy X delay explained, FFXI to be playable only on PVN
(Mainichi Interactive)
Mainichi Interactive's "GameQuest" explains a number of Square's strategies regarding the Final Fantasy series.

1- Square president Hisashi Suzuki explains that Final Fantasy X was delayed from March to July for a number of reasons; the addition of two (extra) summom monsters, addition of Limit breaks moves, and adjustment of (the game's) atmosphere due to the addition of voices. The master copy of Final Fantasy X will be completed by late May.

2- Final Fantasy XI will only be playable with Square's PVN (PlayOnline Viewer Navigator), a navigator/browser of Square's original HTML-like markup language PML (Playonline Markup Language). Square's PVN will come equiped with a mailer and chat program, and a game called "TetraMaster". TetraMaster is explained as something similar to an upgraded version of the card game in Final Fantasy IX.

3- Square President Hisashi Suzuki explains the brake-even point of PlayOnline's services to be 495,000 subscribers (assuming each subscriber to contract for one year). While PlayOnline, PVN, and FFXI will only be available for the Playstation2 and Windows in the beginning, Square plans to work with a strategy in which they will not be bound to those two platforms.

Final Fantasy X Single CD Details, Third coupled song "Utikisama" announced
Final Fantasy X music composer, Nobuo Uematsu has revealed that there will be two songs to be coupled in the single CD "Suteki da ne".

As announced earlier, the first song "Suteki da ne" is the theme song to Final Fantasy X, sung by Okinawa vocalist RIKKI- the second song will be chosen from all previous FF music via an online ballot, and vocalized by RIKKI as well. (The online Ballot will be closing on 4/30/01.)

The third song announced, is named "Utikisama" (read also as "Otsukisama" in standard Japanese) which translates to English as "The Moon". "Utikisama" is a newly written song, composed by RIKKI herself. Uematsu comments the song to be "very healing, and expectedy has a feeling of RIKKI... the accompaniment of Aki Kurota's Piano is also good."

The CD will be released as a Maxi single. Release date and price are not yet decided.

Short Comment: "Eternal Fighter Zero", released by Twilight Frontier
Well, here's something interesting. A doujin software group "Twilight Frontier" released a demo to their upcoming fighter game for the PC, "Eternal Fighter Zero". The game is a good mix between Street Fighter III, Capcom's "Versus" series, Garou Mark of the Wolves and Guilty Gear X. The graphics is pretty good too, especially considering that it isn't a corporate product.

The demo- fully playable on 4 characters, is currently available for download in their official site. There seems to be no date set for its commercial release, nor any word on where it'll be available for purchase, especially since it's still in development.. but this is one doujin game I may get.
[ Link: Twilight Frontier ]