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KOF14 site updates on Exclusive bonuses

Posted Jul 5 2017 at 23:43 (Tue)

If you're planning on preordering KOF14 but you're still wondering whether to buy an import, you might want to check what's been unveiled in various regions today.

Region differences with SNK's Official art booklet
An official booklet doesn't always guarantee the same content in all regions, which certainly is the case for KOF14. There's a clear difference in page numbers for each country:

North America : 144 pages
Japan : 120 pages
Korea / Hong Kong : 56 pages
EU : None

As a result, the US and JP versions will apparently feature two pages per character whereas the Korean/HK version seems to have a single page per se.
Top: NA/JP version - Bottom: KR/HK version

Additional page samples (KR/HK version)

Korean / Hong Kong Exclusive Bonuses

On the other hand, Korean/HK preorders come with a Kula art card drawn by ex-SNK artist Hiroaki which isn't offered in other regions, as well as a PS4 theme of Mai Shiranui drawn by Falcoon which is only offered elsewhere on Amazon Japan preorders. Although it's not unique, both regions will also get a Steelbook.

North American Exclusive Bonuses

Aside from the North American art book having a lot more pages than the other regions, it also comes with a collector's box, Steelbook and and soundtrack CD.

EU Exclusive Bonuses
EU will get a steelbook cover.

Japanese retailer Exclusive Bonuses

Oddly enough, Japan is the only country to not have a Steelbook cover for its preorders. On the other hand the country's retailers are certainly offering the most variation in terms of unique preorder bonuses, with major retailer Sofmap being at the top: a B2-sized tapestry and PS4 theme.

For a full list of retailer-exclusive bonuses in the country, check here.

The Great Silent "Fine Print"

Last but not least, if you're considering about importing a preorder in one of the Japanese retailers for their exclusive PS4 themes, there's a new fine print that's been added to SNK's official site: "Costumes and Themes may possibly get sold as DLC content in the future".

Of course it's only a possibility, so if there's a theme in particular that you're dieing for, it may be better to be safe than to be sorry.

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