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Exclusive Fatal Fury PS4 theme for KOFXIV

Posted Jun 5 2017 at 15:23 (Sun)

With SNK's KOFXIV nationwide 36-character demo tour in Japan reaching the company's hometown of Osaka this weekend, there's been more going on than back in the Tokyo event. Here's coverage and recap of the game's news from this week.

Exclusive Fatal Fury PS4 theme for KOFXIV
SNK is preparing more retailer-exclusive bonuses for Japan following Amazon and Biccamera, and this time it's Fatal Fury. Preorders at the major chain store Joushin will come with this PS4 theme featuring the original Lone Wolves and the villains together with the new character Hein (the artwork is obviously work in progress).
By @10yukiiro04 on Twitter. Image corrected for viewing.

Official Site updated with new icon
The official site for KOFXIV had a minor update this week with a new icon added to its mid-page menu and text that reads KOF STATION -- Web program Coming Soon!. The site hasn't been updated since and the icon isn't clickable just yet.

Lack of video footage and Kukri's bizzare personality
As expected with most exhibit events in Japan, visitors rarely took video footage as mannerism.

However, one of the players took a clip of the new character Kukri, which showed that his personality is quite wonky in comparison to his sinister look. Not only is his victory pose very bizzare, but if you listen closely you can hear him saying "The Sand of Musi...c!"

Developers at demo exhibit and Cosplaying
As expected given that the event was taking place in the hometown of SNK, a number of developers were at scene Including SNK programmer Jim Bulmer, and also ex-Capcom SFIII:3rdStrike director Neo-G who joined the company early this year and has been involved in adding character move adjustments in KOFXIV to make them more interesting.

The events also had some cosplayers that lightened up the atmosphere.

Jim Bulmer (@Jim_Bulmer)
#KOFXIV roadshow hits DenDenTown in Osaka.

Neo_G (@Neo_G_3)
By @Neo_G_3 on Twitter.
By @bardothodol on Twitter.

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