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Wild Guns making a comeback on PlayStation 4

Posted May 13 2016 at 13:58 (Fri)

Natsume's classic Sci-fi Western masterpiece is making a comeback on the PlayStation 4, according to the company's official Twitter account.

The original Wild Guns was a pseudo-TPS game published by Natsume for the SFC/SNES during the later years of the console in 1994. While a niche title, Wild Guns had solid gameplay and great visuals, and still has enough of a following to warrant a Shmuplations intherview in 2013.
Original Wild Guns (Image by gamefabrique)

"The game takes place in a Wild West setting with steampunk aesthetics, from which it has drawn comparisons to The Wild Wild West.[4] The objective is to seek revenge against a murderous gang that killed the family member of one of the playable characters. The female character, Annie, has searched down a bounty hunter by the name of Clint to help her get revenge and to rescue the few family members she has left." (Wikipedia)

Introducing WILD GUNS RELOADED! Clint & Annie return in a new PS4 exclusive. Stay tuned for details at E3 2016.

Thanks to Spoon for the news.

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