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Trailer & Novel for Hotel Dusk crew's new ADV

Posted Mar 27 2016 at 21:27 (Sun)

As reported earlier this month, the former creative staff from CING's noire novel game Hotel Dusk is back on track with Ark System Works as their new publisher and they're making a new title for the Nintendo 3DS, CHASE: Cold Case Investigation Division -Distant Memories-. The first trailer is now up on Youtube, so check it out.

CHASE: Cold Case Investigation Division -Distant Memories- seems to have some animation, but obviously not rotoscoped since the developers don't have a huge budget like they did with Nintendo. Still, the atmosphere is well inherited from the Hotel Dusk series, and surprise-- the protagonist is as awesomely washed out as Kyle Hyde.

What's more, the official site for CHASE: Cold Case Investigation Division -Distant Memories- gives some early glimpse on the game's storyline with a new short novel that starts off by introducing Koto Amekura, a young female detective who joined the forces to follow the footsteps of her elite old brother. Koto was just assigned to the cold cases division, and she's anxious about taking on unsolved cases.

However her feelings soon wane away whe she realizes that everyone either chuckles or tries to cheer her up whenever she tells them where she's been assigned.

Getting worried, she asks one of her brother's co-worker about the division and discovers that it may be a dead path to her career. It turns out that the so-called cold cases division is made of just one guy who's killing time all day by either playing cards or smoking. The guy's name is Nanase, and he's apparently hard to get along with, although supposedly a talented detective if he gets the drive to do something and puts his mind on it. He lost a loved one or something in the past, but nobody seems to know the details.

Telling herself that making presumptions are unfair and things might turn out just fine, Koto opens the door to her newly assigned division the next day, only to find a guy resting in his chair with both feet over the table, smoking and playing cards.

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