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Hotel Dusk crew return for new ADV game

Posted Mar 11 2016 at 18:55 (Fri)

When development studio CING went underwater in early 2010 despite of their solid relationship with Nintendo, a lot of fans were shook up as the company had some great franchises under its belt including the Another Code and Hotel Dusk series. The company's memories will live on forever, but its developers are well alive and they're making a comeback.

In a surprise announcement, Arc System Works--known for many fighting game titles such as Guilty Gear and Blazblue--announced they will publish a new adventure game developed by former CING members including Taisuke Kanasaki.

Titled CHASE: Cold Case Investigation Division -Distant Memories-, The game is slated for release this spring in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS via digital download.

According to Famitsu, CHASE will be an old-style hard boiled adventure game aimed for the older audiences, featuring dynamic visuals that makes the game feel like watching a detective show and making its serious storyline all the more enjoyable with drama.

Thanks to Spoon for contribution.

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