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New KOF14 trailer matches leaked image

Posted Mar 18 2016 at 04:20 (Fri)

With the Playstation Arena event slated for Korea this weekend, Sony has released a new KOF14 trailer by SNKPlaymore.

This 8th trailer has unveiled the first new original character for KOF14 named Sylvie-- a relatively oddball idol singer character that seems to be modeled after the J-Pop talent Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
Right image from Wikipedia

Sylvie uses electricity to fight her opponents and she can be clearly heard shouting "Static Electricity!" in Japanese when doing her super.

The trailer also Confirms Kim, and Vice who has a new costume that shows off some shoulder and also more cleavage than before, as accurately pointed out in previous leaks from 4chan by an anonymous user (most likely JohnXuandou).

What's also significant about Sylvie's unveil is that her design strongly resembles that of the potential early-development document image which leaked on the Internet earlier this week, more or less confirming that it's legitimate.
Enhanced image of the two boss characters

Leaked Roster for KOF14 (red marks confirmed)

Japan team, Iori team, Fatal Fury team, K team, Ikari team, Psycho Soldier team are the same as usual

Art of Fighting team - Ryo, Robert, Yuri
Women Fighters team - King, Mai, Alice Nakata
South Town team - Geese, Billy, butler
Kim team - Kim, Kim's Master, Master's wife
Prisoner team - Chang, Choi, New leader character wearing a windbreaker on top of his orange prisoner clothing
Mexico team - Ramon, Angel, Tizoc wearing a dinosaur costume and gone heel
Main hero team - Tung Fue Rue, Youth who was grown up by Tung and possesses the devil's power, a child with a pillow
Official invite team - Chinese girl with Sichuan Opera mask, idol singer girl, a hooded man related to the antagonists in the KOF13 ending
South America team - Brazilian Ninja, Cyborg Boxer, slightly tanned girl with a Toucan
Another world team - Nakoruru, Love Heart, Mui Mui

Mid boss: Millionaire Russian tournament organizer named Antonov (half-naked like Geese and Krauser)

Last boss: Non-human being with the ability to move through time, space and dimensions and pull out fighters from whereever he wants

Thanks to Iggy for the heads up.

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