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KOF14 Report and Videos from Hong Kong C3

Posted Feb 20 2016 at 02:03 (Sat)

If you've been thirsty for KOF14 news and you've been waiting for details from Hong Kong's C3 [Characters x Culture x Contents] event, you're in luck.

Penpen35 from Hong Kong has uploaded a number of videos together with a summarized report of all three additional playable characters in the latest build of the game.

Robert feels like a mix of old and new, I'd say mostly from stuff in KOF XIII, but his spinny kick is the KOF 98 version instead of his XIII version. His f+A goes a bit farther than you are usually used with.

King is pretty simple. No air fireballs this time, but you can still cancel light attacks into her slide, into Tornado Kick. She also his her qcbx2+K super from 98.

This is only a part of the report and there's more videos, which you can check from the links below--


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